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Happy birthday to thryn!

A little better than yesterday. The trick is to get enough physical activity to not freakin' atrophy but not enough to nudge myself into Much Worse pain.

He's stopped offering more than token resistance to the pills; I can pill him solo now. The vet wants to try different food, which we need to pick up at their office - are they open today? Must figure that out.

New S.J. Tucker Album!
Pre-order Solace and Sorrow now! It's another Orphan's Tales song-cycle. s00j says: "For your listening pleasure, at the end of this month, will come a second orphan ballad, a Gaselli gypsy romp, a manticore's lullabye, a djinn nursery rhyme, a blues tune for a city in decay, and a war song for a group of mice, as well as the already-beloved Firebird's Child."

Also pre-order catvalente's The Orphan's Tales: In the Cities of Coin and Spice (and In the Night Garden, if you don't yet have it!), and plan to

1) See S.J. Tucker live at my place on November 23, and
2) See S.J. and catvalente for a reading/concert/art show at Pandemonium Books on December 1. Said art show will contain Elayna's first-ever art show entry!

Link Soup
* "These are tiny acrylic or enamel landscapes on 1-cent copper pennies of the exact locations where each 'lucky' penny was actually found."
* Today is International Cephalopod Awareness Day!
* Down South...

Daily Science
Here's a fascinating video featuring split-brain researcher Michael Gazzaniga. The patient had his corpus callosum severed as a treatment for severe epilepsy. The treatment terminated nearly all communication between his brain's right and left hemispheres.

Daily BPAL
You should buy stuff from me.

Pumpkin I: Pumpkin with pear, white wine grapes, and jasmine-laced tea.

In bottle: All pumpkin!

On me: If I keep smelling, I get a whiff of grape and tea, faint and sweet.

Pumpkin II: Pumpkin with tobacco, champa flower, carnation, and tonka.

In bottle: The tonka asserts itself right away...

On me: Nothing but tonka. :(

Well, everything's closed today, I think, so today will be an around the house day. Elayna's home from school, so we'll be Doing Stuff together - she just came downstairs wearing her "Stand Back: I'm Going to Try Science!" tee, so I think we'll be whipping out a few of the science kits. Other than that... need to pack up my Autumn Switch Witch stuff and a few other things for a post office run tomorrow, and need to make more stuff for Saturday's craft fair.
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