Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Sunday afternoon miscellany

* Still in fibro flare. Pain's more tolerable when I'm sitting or reclining, but I definitely feel it with every movement. Right now, my legs are burning from going up and down the stairs, and my arms are throbbing from putting the wet laundry in the dryer. I'm having to be even more sedentary than usual. I don't like that.

* I also don't like that I missed the Jonathan Coulton concert and the Honk! festival due to this. Sounds like they were lots of fun!

* I do like that feste_sylvain came over last night and helped me Get Shit Done - specifically, sorting through the mountain of art to-be-hung and to-be-framed that was taking over a considerable portion of my office. Things are framed and reframed and hung as necessary, yay! Mostly. Things we needed frames for were framed today, and we couldn't hang them because Adam's sleeping off his all-night Zombiethon, and we didn't want to wake him. But. Vess library poster hung in Elayna's reading room, proverbs print hung in her bedroom; ElfQuest original art hung in my bedroom; Vess Tam Lin hung over my altar; Froud "Wild Wood" hung over the tea-and-baking cabinet; "Home is Where Your Story Begins" plaque hung over the entrance to the dining room; ketubah hung next to said entrance. Framed and ready for Adam to hang? Vess Stardust over the fireplace, Graeme Base Animalia "L" poster over loveseat, Linda Medley "Castle Waiting" poster in Elayna's reading room, and a few ElfQuest prints/original art by divalea to be squeezed in as we can (ditto another small Froud and some charitypomaybo Busted Wonder prints). Finally. I've been begging for help doing that for almost a full year.

* Got Halloween cards and my favorite pens at Target.

* Target does not carry solder. I wonder if the Ben Franklin in Cushing Square will be open tomorrow? I am not up to doing anything else today that would involve me walking or driving anywhere.

* I feel much calmer now that a chunk of the mess in my office has been taken care of and I can see my art. The mess is less insurmountable.

* More than anything else right now, I just need someone to sit down with me and my massive to-do list, roll up their sleeves, and say "Okay - what now?"

* Now I must go nag Miss Kid to get her damn room clean.
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