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Happy birthday to ellen_kushner, who advances a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader juushika and returning reader brigidsblest!

Achy morning. Very achy morning.

Sponsor a writer/artist!
haikujaguar isn't just a phenomenal artist; she's a phenomenal writer, too. Her current project is The Aphorisms of Kherishdar, explained thusly by her character, The Calligrapher:

"We know you as aunera--aliens--and have always had peace and good congress with you. One day, several of you asked: How is it that your empire works so well for you, when it would work so poorly for us? And so I found a translator, an aunerai scribe. Together we make available these fil ekain, these incense stories, short but lingering... an attempt to explain what it is to have an Ai-Naidari soul. "

Thanks to reader sponsorship, she's been making professional pay rates at this. Keen! She's now written 19 of the planned 25 pieces.

Read the Aphorisms of Kherishdar.

Sponsor the writer.

Bit of Beauty
Hanging Monasteries of the world - "Dizzying heights, mist and isolation seem to fuel humankind's spiritual quests, and it is no surprise that we find monasteries suspended above deep valleys where the air is clearer even when it is foggier.

Partly castles, partly unconquerable fortifications, these ancient sites have one thing in common - there are built on steep cliffs, often accessible only by secret paths, and provide the utmost seclusion and serene surroundings, so valued in true spiritual devotion."

Concert Alert
Henry Rollins this Sunday. Don't suppose anyone wants to go with me?

Carbon Leaf December 10!

Link Soup
* Prequel to Darjeeling Express, free online. Natalie Portman reportedly gets naked. Y'know,if you're into that.
* "The ability of the common gray squirrel to act both as a particle and as a wave is a trait commonly observed yet not often remarked upon."
* "So why can't we find any place to park? Because parking is one of the biggest boondoggles -- and environmental disasters -- in our country."
* Trailer for Sweeney Todd!

Daily Science
UC Berkeley has put over 200 lectures on YouTube, mostly biology and physics. Yay!

Daily BPAL

Libra: Rose, black cherry, carnation, fig, honey, plum, and black currant.

In bottle: Rose, black cherry, and honeyed fig, in that order.

On me: Honeyed fig. Oh, dammit. I only have an imp of this! Need bottle, and it's already gone...

October: Dry, cold autumn wind. A rustle of red leaves, a touch of smoke and sap in the air.

In bottle: Huh. Yes. Crackly leaves.

On me: And now it goes weirdly plasticky. Which is fine, since I can't afford a bottle. :P

* Pack BPAL swaps/sales
* Library
* Curves
* Post office
* Breakfast @ Crown Cafe
* Shower
* Call vet

* Go to pulmonologist
* Go to mall to see if Elayna's phone has a warranty on it
* Call lawyer
* Collapse into a heap and try to nap
* Date with marmota tonight - Jonathan Coulton concert, if we can get seating. I cannot stand for half an hour at a time, thanks to the plantar fasciitis, nevermind how long his concerts are. :(
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