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ATLANTA help needed

Dear Atlantans - anyone know a good lawyer down there?

Long story short:
Former landlady has refused to return our security deposit.
She gave us a bogus list of reasons and stuff she had to do (copy of a check to a contractor without listing what he did, charging us for stuff like changing the lightbulbs, etc.).
Legally, she would've had to give a *complete* list within 30 days; she gave us this crap with the lightbulbs three months late.
Legally, we can file suit and get three times the deposit, plus expenses.
I sent her a certified letter telling her this, including a copy of the statute, saying we'd rather not sue, and won't if she'll just give us our money.
She refused it at both her home and work addresses.

So. Lawsuit.

Big problem: Adam's Googling says I have to file the lawsuit in person.

Big question here: Is there a statute of limitations? Because if I have to file within a year, I need to get down there before Oct. 24.

Big question here: Can I have a proxy file the lawsuit? Attorney? Friend with power-of-attorney?

Any answers?
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