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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to eilonwy!

Yesterday was a big lump of bone-deep fatigue, body and mind. Couldn't get my brain together enough to do half the stuff I wanted to do; couldn't get my body together enough to do the other half. I pushed myself too hard earlier in the week.

Good news is that the pulmonologist had a cancellation, and now he can see me Friday. Huzzah and all that.

Read this
lightcastle has an excellent post on consent.

A Bit of Beauty
All papercuts.

Link Soup
* New Firefly movie?
* Batman lecturing Robin - quotes from the TV show. Poor Robin.
* Lise Meitner: Mother of the Atom Bomb.
* I'm not usually a fan of garbage as art, but the way this uses light and shadow is pretty nifty.

Daily Science
As a young researcher in the 1960s, Donald G. Stein drilled through the skulls of anesthetized rats and vacuumed out sections of their brains to see the effect on their behavior. But he quickly became fascinated by something outside the scope of the research: Why did some female rats promptly recover from their injuries, while males remained impaired?

His supervisors told him the difference was inconsequential and urged him to move on to more important topics. But over his 40-year career as a brain researcher and university administrator, he never let go of the question.

Decades of research -- often conducted in his spare time and with piecemeal funding -- led him to a surprising hypothesis: that progesterone, a natural female hormone that protects fetuses in the womb, may actually protect and heal injured brains. His work slowly helped overturn medical orthodoxy that states that brain tissue, once injured, stays that way. Now he and colleagues plan a large-scale human trial over the next several years. While the outcome is far from assured, the effort could produce a new treatment for the estimated 10 million people world-wide who suffer traumatic brain injuries each year.

Daily BPAL

Bonfire Night: Beer, woodsmoke, tar, and treacle.

In bottle: Mostly woodsmoke, with some sweetness.

On me: Yep, sweet smoke. I suppose it's the tar that grounds it. I don't get beer, thank goodness. Hm. Massive throw!

The Death of Autumn: Dark amber, dead leaves, khus, saffron, bitter clove, chrysanthemum, camellia, galangal, and a drop of oud.

In bottle: Dark amber with a hint of spice, and crumbling leaves...

On me: Ooooh. The saffron came out to play! Sweetspicydirty. A lick of clove. Oh, yum. Require a bottle of this!

* Gotta clean up around here.
* At least one of the three chunks of writing that need to be done.
* Pack up sold/swapped-for BPAL.
* Plan out tomorrow and Saturday in terms of Getting Stuff Done outside the house.
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