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Dear Diary,

Tonight I went to Porter Square books to hear Mark Z. Danielewski read from House of Leaves and Only Revolutions. It was freakin' awesome. And! He then answered questions at great length, going into much literary theory, and I was litgeekgasming, oh yes. This man is a genius. And this was life-affirming, in a way - the reminder that there is literary genius in our time. And I am inarticulate with squee. And I am not a genius (even if my husband says I am), but that's okay, because I don't need to be, I just need to be open and visceral, and I am. And. Yes. MZD. Smokin' hot, fantastically brainy. And I had my books signed (he signs with colored pens, swirls around the words, so pretty!), and he admired my shirt, and I managed to not fangirl all over him, and mgrasso took our picture with his cameraphone.

And then I got pumpkin ice cream and sang "Not a Virgin" (by MZD's sister Poe, from her soundtrack to House of Leaves) all the way home.

And I am still bubbling over with squee. Hi.


PS: Poe has been writing new songs, yay!

PPS: Buy House of Leaves right now. It is brainwarpingly incredible.

PPPS: I love my life.
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