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LJ doing something good

Today, we'd like to spotlight the next great opportunity for you to show the world what LJ can do. Sure, a lot of us roll our eyes anytime we hear someone say they're doing something "for the kids", and we don't blame you if you're skeptical about the idea. But starting Monday, October 1, we wanted to do something that really does make a positive difference in the lives of kids. Here's the short version:

* DonorsChoose lets teachers make requests for items that their classrooms and students need.
* We're working with DonorsChoose to promote the Bloggers Challenge.
* We're sponsoring an award for the bloggers who help the most students.
* You can request a $30 DonorsChoose gift certificate to see how the program works.
* When you make a donation to DonorsChoose, you select which programs to sponsor.
* After your donation is complete, you'll get a thank you letter directly from the students and teachers you've helped.</i>

You can request a gift certificate worth $30 by emailing

This is for US residents only. I'm not sure if one person can use more than one code, but if so - non-US readers can send me your codes and tell me where you want me to apply them, and I'll be happy to do so! EDIT: Most comments on the post indicate that non-US citizens cannot donate to DonorsChoose. rosefox says someone said they could. So try it on your own, non-US types; I'll help you if DonorsChoose can't accept the donation.

You must request your code by 5 PM today. Do it now!

EDIT: karnythia says: "Hey, I'm trying to get a specific project funded. Could you link to this proposal in your post? If 38 people donate then this kid can go through this school year with a much greater ability to communicate."
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