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Big Things

Two really big huge things:

1. Tomorrow I go to my Rape Crisis Center Survivor Speakers Bureau training. I am so revved for this that I'm vibrating half out of my skin. I have been wanting to do something like this for *years* - to use my experience and my ability to communicate about it to make a difference, to actively get out there and help people. For years, I've been craving this sort of work. And finally, life has lined things up so I can do it. Yay yay yay. I get to help.

2. Today, I tentatively asked a very important question: "Is it too late to sign up for the craft fair?" And lo, it was not. So. I'm actually making jewelry for the first time since Vegas (except for those Loteria pendants and the Mother's Day ornaments I made earlier this year). Eeeee. I have never made jewelry professionally. I have never sold anything. So. I will likely be using you guys as research of the "would you buy this?" and "how much should I charge?" variety. Meep meep meep.

*bounces off walls with nervousness, excitement, and overcaffeination*
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