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Picture of the Day

All self-portraiture so far done in the presence of mgrasso, who makes me giggly. I'm sensitive about my tooth-discoloration - it's actually excess-fluoride damage. That's not staining, it's dentin showing through my fluorided-off enamel.

Yeah. I had great parents. *eyeroll*

Anyway. I have the habit of reflexively covering my mouth when I laugh, to hide my teeth (I was teased when I was younger, with the assumption that I didn't brush my teeth). It's a measure of my comfort with mgrasso that I don't do that with him. I don't know what it's a measure of that I'm posting this here. Maybe that I no longer give a shit. The body fluctuations have distanced me from a lot of the psychological crap about my body. I got to viewing it as a broken machine, and viewing the doctors as mechanics. There are lots of little things wrong - this, my torn disc, my toes - but we have to concentrate on the transmission first. Y'know? Years of the Really Big Things going haywire have desensitized me to the Little Things. I mean, I used to be so photograph-phobic. Now I'm posting pictures of myself on a not-great hair day, with no makeup, for nigh unto a thousand people.

Hm. Self-portraiture's bringing out interesting things.

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