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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to wispfox!

Hello to new (returning?) reader just_shai!

Slept 9 hours, thanks to the emergency Lunesta Adam pried from the bitch pharmacist's hands. Turns out there are additional issues with the prescription. Does 'song have to choke a bitch? Apparently. The (actually helpful) pharmacy manager is there 9-9 today, so add that to my list of things to do.

XKCD Meetup in the news!
Here and here.

Link Soup
* Need a 1UP?
* Cute little newly-discovered fruit bat!
* Biomimetic butterflies!

Daily Science
The study found that "[A]ctive rTMS significantly reduced pain and improved several aspects of quality of life (including fatigue, morning tiredness, general activity, walking and sleep) for up to 2 weeks after treatment had ended. The analgesic effects were observed from the fifth stimulation onwards and were not related to changes in mood or anxiety. The effects of rTMS were more long-lasting for affective than for sensory pain, suggesting differential effects on brain structures involved in pain perception."

They reported very few side effects and concluded that the data shows that unilateral rTMS of the motor cortex has potential as an effective analgesic therapy for fibromyalgia due to its long-term reduction of chronic widespread pain.

Daily BPAL
Ohhh you guys... they're planning Steampunk and Egyptian lines. *falls over*

SueDonym says: THERE WERE A BUNCH OF TESTERS OUT FOR NEW SCENTS, vast counter space devoted to them! As follows:
SHH! A new Panacea which is lovely greeny fresh, very relaxing and reminds Jax of days past.
And it looks like we're up for some new lines of scents -- EGYPTIAN and according to Beth she's working on a STEAMPUNK line. squee.gif <--for both actually, the Egyptians as a whole are magnificent and I adore Steampunk.
OSIRIS is delightfully SPICE. Clove love on my skin, very upfront.
FLORIDA WATER didn't quite get this one, kind of empty to my nose so go to a more reliable review for details.
HATSEPSHUT is gorgeously fruity and has a certain not-quite spiciness but difference that I think might mark this line. I think the fruit might be a kiwi note or something. Definite enough for you?
NEPTHOP (sp because it's smeared) is probably my favorite of the Egyptians. It's delicious and was tucked into a corner so I hope someone else finds, loves and properly identifies it. Spicy resins? There's just something about these scents that's nicely different and I can't quite put my finger on it.
ANDROID -- this is lovely! It has an almost aloe like flavor of cleanliness and pristine scent, very smooth citrus here. I keep thinking of it as the smooth yellow-green fluid running through the body of the all-too perfect android thinking pure and perfect thoughts. Scary! So SMOOOTH citrus, very clean smelling. Runs on batteries, no ozone smell. icon_wink.gif
Other joyful testers I didn't write down properly

Pumpkin Cheesecake: Graham crackery and cream cheesy! Cinnamon brown sugary! Just a little carroty!

In bottle: Very lush pumpkin-spicy.

On me: I don't get the sourness I get from real-life cheesecake. To me, this is pumpkin pie all the way, baby. Delicious! The pumpkin note is dominant, of course, but I also get pumpkin pie spices and, yes, even the brown sugar and graham-cracker crust. This is amazing stuff! It lingers through the evening, with a vanilla note emerging during drydrown but not taking over.

Crypt Queen: As sweet as death, as deep as the grave: pomegranate, raspberry, gardenia, plum, and rose with patchouli, black pepper, rose musk, and a hint of blood accord.

In bottle: Pomegranate/patchouli. Rich. Deep.

On me: Huh. There's a bit of a plastic note to it. :( What is that? Maybe the rose musk, since I swear I've smelled everything else in here in different oils. Damn shame, because it's *really* nice in the bottle. Note: I am not selling the Queen yet! If I love one of the other Trick-or-Treat scents, I'll likely try to swap her for it. I'll post if I decide to sell.

* Get Max's stool sample (when he produces one) to the vet
* Duel with the pharmacy
* Half hour of TiVoed yoga?
* Allergist appointment
* Get mattress and pillow protectors on. (Change sheets.)
* Three items from to-do list.

EDIT: Sekrit Messages from here!
feste_sylvain: I feel blessed by getting to know you. You are a genuinely interesting and encouraging person. That's rare.
insanequiet: scott will forget to mention it but he's going to be up by you this weekend and he may come by to say hi.
jmfunnyface: there's an ass for every seat, and you'll find a new ass soon. be well.
ringrrl416: the trick is to surrender to the flow :-)
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