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[Shayara] Alanna, for haikujaguar

Alanna Alone
She is never entirely alone. Her assigned brace of Hounds surrounds her at all times - at her door, at the corners of her room, the room that once belonged to Thomas and Elizabeth Halloran. She stretches out on her four-poster bed, silk-robe-clad, the stretch sexual out of habit, not desire. Her eyes are blank, her expression bitter. She rolls over and extracts a syringe and a packet of powder from beneath the bed, hand trembling.

Alanna with Jeramie
Once she looked at him as if he were her own personal god, beaming up at him, shining. Now she is far beyond such innocence. Long years of subtle punishments have twisted his hold on her. She knows that's why he's given her the drugs - a way to keep her tied to him. But she doesn't care. They help her not think, not feel.

Now, when she looks at him, she is calculating small ways to hurt him.

Alanna with the Council
She sits at the head of the table in her formal deep-green Court garb, listening as much as she can. After all, most of the Council members believe that she's the one in charge here. She can see who knows the truth - no respect in their eyes, in their demeanor.

She may not be the Lishaya. But she is still an empath.

Her fists tighten on the table, and a wave of unease ripples through the half-innocent Councillors. She smiles. Good. Let them fear me.

Alanna Outside
She doesn't go out often. The fear-tinged respect of the Council is one thing - the naked hatred she encounters on the street is quite another. She's in no physical danger - the Hounds would kill any attacker bare-handed. But being surrounded by that hatred is the closest thing she feels to pain.

So she does not go to the farmer's market. She does not picnic in the park. When she goes dancing, she is driven to the clubs and back, and while she's there - she weaves a glamour that would fell her worst detractors. She seduces, she drowns them in desire. She dances with abandon.

Sometimes she brings boys home.

Jeramie does not like that.

Alanna and the Talthar Kithrayna
Kristian does not hate her. He does not like her actions - he's made that plain. But he does not hate her.
Jeramie loves her. Doesn't he? With Jeramie she is submissive, sexual... sometimes frightened, sometimes angry. But her world revolves around him.
The boys hide from her.

Alanna does not know what to think about Donna. She's the one person who can prove to the world that Alanna is not the Lishaya... so Alanna has never had close contact with her.

And, like Kristian, Donna deplores her actions.

But Alanna gets the sense that... if this ever could end, the Council destroyed, Jeramie torn away...

...that Donna would help her.

But this will never end.
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