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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to jmspencer and fubar!

Hello to new readers instigationplus and tlatzomia!

I got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Which is slightly better than a kick in the head. Called the insurance company fuckwads upon waking. Apparently the Lunesta scrip has now been approved, effective this morning but backdated to Wednesday, but the pharmacy block is still on it. o.O Supposedly that'll be off by noon. Supposedly the latest insurance company fuckwad will call me when it's been done, but I am not holding my breath.

Speaking of breath, we now have the allergist saying it's rheumatological, not allergy-related, and we have the rheumatologist saying it's not rheumatological. And we have me saying that I don't care, I just want it fixed.

Random Acts of Kindness Poll
Sekrit messages ahoy! (Leave one here!)

elionwyr: Ask your movie-going partner, "What do you get when you cross Dracula with Lee Iacocca?"
jmfunnyface: You're in my thoughts, and I hope things are going better.
yendi: You are one of the good ones. And of course, you HAVE one of the best!
Yendi slaps idiots in the head with his Massive Death Cock of Sarcasm.
zoethe: I really admire you.

Bit of Beauty
Mantis pictures!

Link Soup
* Make a mummy!
* Have you ever wanted to walk your goldfish?

Daily Science
For Adam: Fugu.

Daily BPAL

At first, I thought I was safe from this update. Reformulated Beaver Moon looks like cough syrup. Swan Maiden is floral death. Scorpio looks interesting. The Shojo Beat scents... ah, crap, I need Midnight Kiss. (Red musk, cocoa absolute, Nepalese amber, red sandalwood, aged patchouli, nicotiana, and blood wine!) I will not wear anything called Vampire's Tears. I think you must be this goth to ride that ride.

But... four new GC pirate scents. And oh, oh, Kill-Devil: Sugar cane, molasses, oak wood, and honey. *whimper* And Plunder. *falls over* But. Thoseare GCs, so I can get imps of them. I will not buy GCs unsniffed. *nods*

So. I thought I was getting off light with this update. Don't need the Moon, the Companion, or the shirt.

Then I saw the forum-only scents. *whimper* Yes, I ordered both. Yes, I ordered the Pirate Moon shirt.

Flashback to 2005: I never got to try most of the Carnaval Noir scents, so I picked up an imp-pack of most of them that I haven't tried. (Does that make sense?) So.

Bed of Nails: Sharp, shining, metallic: rubbed iron with a dry wooden base.

In bottle: Dim underlayer of wood with an ozoney scent over it.

On me: Metallic-ozoney.

Fire Eater: A glowing red and flickering scent: warm, lurid, seductive.

In bottle: Warm, resinous, slightly spicy.

On me: Same... but with a bit of floral to it? Hm. It's got red musk, I think. Yum. :)

Must do five things from my to-do list. And go to bed early tonight!
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