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Random Acts of Kindness poll

Last week, I posted a poll encouraging you to leave secret messages of encouragement to people reading this journal.

Here are the results, in alphabetical order (and unedited). :)

audacian: I'm glad your brief. You will do fine in moot court :-)
Cissa -- I actually have no idea who you are, but I saw you post a comment in a community and just thought that you were a really interesting person who creates some really lovely things.
Feste_Sylvain: you make me want to, but sanity requires that I don't.
To: The human race... you're crazy, insane-making buncha shaved infuriate me at times, and at times move me to tears... Luv Ya all, just so sure I can live with ya!
Insanequiet: Don't become your own hurdle.
mgrasso: You'll find the balance you're looking for. I promise.
Redknight you are a sweetie ! :)
setfiretolife: the way you see the world is fascinating to me. I admire your spiritual strength and wish we lived closer so I could hang out with you sometimes.
setfiretolife: you are beautiful. believe it. someday the one you are waiting for will be there.
tidesong: you are so amazingly strong and courageous. you give me hope.
Yendi: You crack me up! :-)
yuki_onna, you're a good friend to me and I appreciate it.
Zarhooie: I really wish you and I could have been friends.

The Spooky/elionwyr section!
Spooky -- we're all rooting for you in your peak work season! Go Team Halloween!
Spooky is kind, generous, fun and funny. She is a good friend.
Spooky: You are far more beautiful, and far stronger, than you know.

And, um, the me section! Which is kinda "screw anonymity". But. Hey. *blush* Thank you. :)
You: Miss you. *snugs*
Shadesong: I truly admire how you try to keep your life as normal as possible even with all the problems you have. And remember: You are not your illness!!
Shadesong; You continue to amaze me with your strength, grace and gift of snark
to Shadesong: somehow I think I should know you better
And while this kinda ruins the surprise, I'm letting you know that I *really* like the science links you post.

You can still leave a sekrit message for someone. I'll include the messages in my morning posts...
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