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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to the fabulous rhiannonhero!

Still very meh and sluggish. Rheumatologist appointment today. *sigh* *practices saying, quietly but insistently, "My allergist thinks my difficulty in breathing is rheumatological. I want the other tests for lupus."*

I hate going to these appointments alone - the ones where I know I have to stubborn my way into something that's Not the Doctor's Idea. Hate it.

I'm serious about this being some of the best worldbuilding I've ever seen. And I seriously have the hots for the protagonist. :)

I hadn't sat down and read the whole series.... well, since it was just the first two TPBs. Re-reading really brought out a lot of stuff I hadn't noticed at the time, and a lot of themes emerged. The story she's doing page-by-page online now is very tied into the first story arc, and I'm more fascinated than ever.

And Talisman is... perfect. A perfect self-contained story. I am impressed as all hell.

Map: haikujaguar's working on it, with an ETA of a few weeks.
Buildings: I can has post office! siliconshaman did that. :) themaskmaker's working on the coffeehouse, treadpath's got the Library, bluedressdevil's doing the bookstore, and haikujaguar has the Castle. Sign up here if you want to draw a building!
Web: excursively is my webdude; webstuff is just waiting on the map.
Words: The story will come in layers - bits embedded in buildings. Story coming - and going - in chronological order. A brief prologue. Then, 40 years ago, Katrina's arrival in Shayara, and our first sighting of the seemingly-benevolent Council. Then skip to Jessa's story - her half-fleeing to the Sanctuary, falling in love, and bringing back a man who'll later be known as Fenris. The accelerated decay of the Council, and Alanna's path from cute little possible-Lishaya to the woman who ordered the Purges. And - Julia's awakening. Then a jump to five years later, where Our Story Begins.

It is difficult to know where to drop you in - how to give you the information without "As you know, Bob" infodump. (The web is good for this. Don't know a Dasaroi word? Go to the Library and click on the Glossary.) And by doing this - layers of story - I hope to give you what you need in a fairly immersive environment.

Bit of Beauty
Steel lacework sculptures.

Link Soup
* Anatomical crockery.
* This Won’t Hurt a Bit: A Painlessly Short (and Incomplete) Evolution of Execution.
* The Richat Structure
* Stop sign stickers. Me, I want "collaborate and listen) and "Hammer Time".
* DIY Paper Hasselhoff.
* Smart furniture: fun or creepy?

Daily Science
All about caffeine!

Daily BPAL

Havana: Date palm, dried tobacco, snakeroot, and leather.

In bottle: Mostly tobacco,with the sweetness of date palm.

On me: The tobacco comes out, rooted by something dark and planty. The snakeroot? There's a sharpness here.

Nemesis: Cypress, ginger, fig, dried rose, red patchouli, tonka bean and cyclamen.

In bottle: Fig, cypress, tonka.

On me: Damn! None of that. Flat dead floral with a shot of patchouli. Whuf - *big* shot of patchouli.

Rheumatologist. Watching movies from library. Writing. Diesel? If I feel up to it. I'd like to see everyone - it's been a few weeks - but it depends on whether I can breathe well enough to weather the walk to the bus stop.

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