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XKCD Meetup

This was the original strip, the one that led us all there - a set of coordinates from a dream girl in a comic strip. The coordinates turned out to be a park in Cambridge, on Sunday, September 23, at 2:38pm.

So of course people came from all over the country to see what, if anything, would happen.

Not the original sign. :)

Someone was spray-painting stenciled shirts right at the entrance of the park. Wish I'd had cash!

My god - it's full of geeks. (I heard at least one person call it NerdStock. So true. :) )

Several people were acting out XKCD strips - example: the one about the tape-measure-flinging contests.

Original strip...

Chocolate-cake version of strip. :)


This guy rawked.

Impromptu concert!

This guy threw down his bag, all ready to do a dance-off with the raptor.

feste_sylvain held Elayna aloft, the better to search for me in the crowd.

Elayna, exhilarated. :) We were in our element, all of us...

And she hit the swings, and flew. :)

I joined her. :)

And hugged her crazy when we tumbled off the swings.

And hey! I can has boyfriend. :)


There was much chalking of the sidewalk. :)

Since the original last panel was proven false, Randall invited us all to finish the comic. There were four posterboards stretched along the fence... I was only able to get close enough for two shots.

It was all great fun - lots of energy, lots of wonderful people. :)

And we went home, happily exhausted.

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