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Hello to returning reader triskadekaphile and new reader seabream!

Oh holy hell did I hurt last night. Going to be careful with myself today...

Generally okay. The leading theory is that this diarrhea was causing him to pee outside the box (because, well, stinky catbox!); the diarrhea may be caused by his habit of finishing off my ice cream or milk. :( No more dairy for Max! And the medicine is soothing his tummy, we hope. And the theory about the vomiting is that the periodontal disease was making it hurt to chew, so he was swallowing food whole, which irritated his stomach. He's been on the boiled-chicken diet for nearly a full week now, and he hasn't thrown up once. Next step is getting the periodontal disease treated. So he should be okay. ($200 in vet bills later!)

Secret Messages
Keep posting them here! I'll post 'em later today.

Link Soup
* The Adventures of Mr. Fly
* A gallery of custom Mr. Potatoheads from movies, TV and pop culture.

* Japanese Atlantis?
* Bangkok's Ghost Towers

Daily Science
Large Hadron Collider blog!

Daily BPAL
* Got my CnS for my trading post order! Inquisition, shirt, and Crypt Queen. :)
* Lots of bottles on sale - including 10mls of most of the discontinued Sephiroth line! Also 5mls of Aeaea and other recent things. Please buy BPAL. Max's vet bill and all. Click here!

Cthulhu: A creeping, wet, slithering scent, dripping with seaweed, oceanic plants and dark, unfathomable waters.

In bottle: Aquatic-ozoney.

On me: Still aquatic-ozoney. Very sharp.

The Deep Ones: Black algae, drooping seaweed, salty brine, and crushed coral.

In bottle: Huh! This one is thickly planty.

On me: Predominant scent is that of seaweed. Big ropy rubbery masses of seaweed.

Need to take it easy today, due to yesterday's body-stress. I'll try to get five things off my to-do-list (which is four pages long, dammit) done. *nod*
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