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Shayara: Art needed

The gates
The post office (exterior and interior): siliconshaman!
The Tiala graffiti
The Library (exterior and interior): treadpath!
House Narsan (exterior and interior) (a collection of low buildings around a larger one, medieval-fort-ish)
Kelly's Ephemera (exterior and interior) (narrowish three-story Victorian; bottom two stories are a junk shop, upper story is residential. interior not needed right away.)
Tyka's coffeehouse (exterior and interior) (two rooms with lots of detail): themaskmaker!
The Wicked Sisters Bookshop (exterior and interior): bluedressdevil?
Street scene: the intersection of Sheridan & Sinclair (shopping district)
The Aerie (exterior and interior) (a modernish apartment tower)
The Tower (exterior and interior) (an old luxury hotel; will need several interior rooms)
The Carnival District (general and street scene)
The park
The Farmer's Market
House Bartomn (exterior and interior) (a manor)
House L'arath (exterior and interior) (a rambling Victorian mansion)
House Ziroth (exterior and interior) (a maze of low, monastic buildings; interior of the main house will be a maze leading to Kristian's study)
The Castle (exterior only, to start): haikujaguar?
Tags: shayara, shayara.webcomic
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