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School fundraiser: Cheap magazine subscriptions!

And copying from my wonderful husband:

Elayna's school's annual fundraiser (which we missed last year, since we moved up here late) is a magazine subscription sale. The prices are surprisingly good -- Entertainment Weekly for $20 for one year, $32 for two, Gourmet/Bon Appetit combined for $24 a year, ESPN for $25 a year, Newsweek for $20/year. They do support renewals and gift subscriptions.

For various security reasons (and probably to prevent spamming), the system does not allow us to just post a URL. Instead, we need to send custom email invites to anyone who wants to browse. I'm screening comments here, so if you're interested, leave your first name, last name, and preferred email addy in a comment, and I'll get an invite sent your way.


('song talking: Apparently the prizes this year are mondo awesome. Elayna's really excited about this!)
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