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Wearable Sculpture house party

Belated recap!

kythryne and Amy of Wearable Sculpture were kind enough to come out to my place for a house party this weekend. The "kind enough" part especially applies to the pre-party - leading a Girl Scout workshop for seven high-energy girls! They taught the girls to make pendants and earrings, and answered questions about the making of jewelry and the starting and running of a successful business. It's always inspiring for the girls to see successful female entrepreneurs. We can tell them til the cows come home that Girls Can Do Anything, but that doesn't make half the impression that actually meeting women who are living their dreams, working on their own terms, and being successful does. Kyth and Amy, thanks so much for doing this for them!

We cleared the house of Girl Scouts and had about half an hour to tidy up, whip out the veggie tray and bourbon brownies, and rest. Then the influx! Attendees were zarhooie, emilytheslayer, roaming, _butterkup_, and... two LJless people, I think? At least one. (My list only has LJ names. :() There's always the question, when hosting something like this, if it'll be awkward having a group of strangers. In this case, not at all. Everyone got along wonderfully. :)

We all had a blast pawing over beads, shells, pearls - and oh yes, the finished jewelry! I fell hard for this necklace and this bracelet, both from the Gratitude series. I don't have anything from that series yet, and I love it - big chunky quartz points, and color explosions, yay! Also fell for this. There's story in it! I reluctantly set it back, saying that if I get such a pendant, it ouht to have a piece of my story in it. So. Later. *wistful sigh*

I kept trying this on. It is crazy. It is so cracked-out. I left it on the table, insisting that someone had to buy it; it needed an owner! But, as no one did... they gave it to me as a hostess gift. And lo, I was full of squee! They also gave me a hefty discount on this. :) Basically, if a piece is too odd for the general public, who'll wear it? I will. I totally will. And I can pull it off, too. There were several utterances of "I could never picture anyone actually wearing that, but... it works on you!"

Everyone got free earrings. emilytheslayer won the drawing for a free pendant. zarhooie bought three Alice in Wonderland pieces and gave two away, and had a custom pendant made for me. Many brownies were consumed. kythryne says this was one of their most profitable house parties evar, which pleased me immensely. She and Amy do amazing, fun, high-quality work, and I believe in supporting such things. :)

So if you live within reasonable driving range of their New Hampshire home base, and you want to have an awesome party and see ZOMG lots of shinies and watch artists work and do your holiday shopping and hey, free earrings!, contact kythryne. I'd host one again in a heartbeat.

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