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Pirate Haiku

I have committed haiku for Wearable Sculpture's "Talk Like a Pirate Day" thing.

Parrot keeps singing
Yo ho, me hearties, yo ho
Please shoot the damn thing

Accursed termites
Colonizing my peg leg
That's why I swagger

Can't we have a normal date?
Less plunder,perhaps?

Lace the corset tight
I'll distract them with my boobs
You pick their pockets

Jolly Roger me
Poop deck is off limits, though
That is not my kink!

I'll probably be adding to this post throughout the day. You write some, too!

EDIT: Crapadoodles, as Elayna would say. I can't afford a mystery pirate necklace right now, not with Max's vet bill. *pouts mightily* And yes, I have lots of shinies from them already, but I love seeing what they do with the mystery pieces. And really, can one ever have enough shinies? I think not.

But. Cat. *snuggles Max*
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