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Two chances to do good

Copying from my evil twin, brujah: If you could go here and click Wildflower Place (center of the page) and then click the little blue vote button directly below, I'd appreciate it very much. Vulpine says: "My mother lives in a retirement community, and they are currently enrolled in a contest to win a van for the community. A lot of the people living there (my mother included) can't drive, so the community having a van to run people around to the store or the doctor or whatever is a very good thing."

And copying from my Monkey: A Friend of mine had her child pass away recently (death notice at link). If that wasn’t bad enough the kid was all of 7 months old at the time.

Now, you know I don’t ask for money for causes. Nor do I give it. I give to charity but am always wary of everything else. I choose to believe this one. You may or may not. That is your cause. However:

Due to the cost of funerals and headstones and such, they (the parents) are facing a bit of a problem. Rent. Young parents with a baby don’t always have the money to float everything. So they’re asking for help.

Understand this comes request from a person who never asks for this sort of help. It is totally on you if you want to help or not. No harm no foul, you know? I am just putting it out there because A) I believe her B) I’ve known her online for years now and C) it feels like the right thing to do.

So, if you are so inclined please paypal some cash (a buck or 5 from a 1/4 of the readers of this message would be astounding) to and help out.

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