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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to my favorite gnome!

Hello to new reader redknight!

Still coming back from the exhaustion. Pain levels low today, save the splitting headache I've had since last night. Less mentally scattered today, yay!

He's acting like he's doing okay. He's eating his chicken. Still having the bowel issues, though. And I'm still waiting to hear the results of his tests.

He will be okay. I insist upon it. *decisive nod*

Please buy rare books from us!
Max's medical care is not cheap, and it's coming on top of us shelling out a lot of money to try to thwart my allergies (HEPA air filter, mattress cover, et cetera). So we're selling some rare books to help cover expenses. First up is limited-edition Cemetery Dance novella The Wilds, by Richard Laymon. Click here for details!

We also still have a spare copy of Charles de Lint's Seven Wild Sisters. And Triskell Tales - first printing, if anyone out there collects first editions.

Days of Repentance
(Stealing format from Lis Riba!) It's the Days of Repentance, the period of time between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur when we try to repair any damaged relationships we have with each other. If there is anything which I did over the past year which hurt or upset you, please let me know. If you are willing to share it publically, please leave a comment below; if you'd like to discuss it privately, send me an email. I will see whether I can make amends, and make right anything which I have done wrong, and make changes to prevent repeating such wrongs in the future. I don't promise that I can. But I do promise that I will try.

Turn around...
I don't tend to watch fanvids. But this one is like whoa. Babylon 5 fans, click here!

One Card Draw
The ever-fabulous haikujaguar is doing a One-Card Draw this evening. Watch this space!

Daily Dose of Beauty
Ten stunningly gorgeous temples.

Free Will Astrology
Uncle Rob says: Mythologist Joseph Campbell wrote books that describe the archetypal elements of the hero's journey. Borrowing his perspective, I want you to know that it's a perfect moment to take on the role of the hero and carry out an extended exploration of the underworld. Although it's dark and odd down there, it happens to be the realm where your soul feels most at home. And your ego? It will probably feel like an exile, at least initially, but I bet it will ultimately find the underworld to be unexpectedly interesting and rewarding. For best results, Pisces, make a forceful decision to wander through the place with an adventurous spirit; don't wait around for fate to command you to make an appearance. Dive down! Dig deep!

Agh. Descent of Inanna again?

Link Soup
* Star Trek coffins. I know lots of people are appalled at this. But the idea of being buried in a photon torpedo actually does appeal to me.
* How to opt out of LJ's stat-gathering.
* IDW is doing a miniseries of comics based on Cory Doctorow's short stories! Subscribe here!
* For themaskmaker: Hiroki Tsukuda's mask fiction.

Daily Science
Oliver Sacks on memory loss.

feste_sylvain and I were talking about my short-term memory loss last night. It worries him; he tends to smooth over the worry with the knowledge that I have workarounds, that I have found a way to be functional despite it.

Something to note, as I've had assholes try to use the memory issues as a weapon in arguments to cover their lies: I know when I have a gap. I don't backfill the gap with approximations. I probe it like one would the hole left by a missing tooth; I map it, acknowledge it. That much, I'm capable of doing. (feste_sylvain has seen me do this.) The memory loss is part of my disability. It's one of the parts that's hardest for me to deal with, and I work hard to deal with it, which is why being bitchslapped with it in that particular set of arguments pissed me off so much.

Anyway. Sacks says Though one cannot have direct knowledge of one’s own amnesia, there may be ways to infer it: from the expressions on people’s faces when one has repeated something half a dozen times; when one looks down at one’s coffee cup and finds that it is empty; when one looks at one’s diary and sees entries in one’s own handwriting...Episodic or explicit memory, we know, develops relatively late in childhood and is dependent on a complex brain system involving the hippocampi and medial temporal-lobe structures, the system that is compromised in severe amnesiacs and all but obliterated in Clive. The basis of procedural or implicit memory is less easy to define, but it certainly involves larger and more primitive parts of the brain—subcortical structures like the basal ganglia and cerebellum and their many connections to each other and to the cerebral cortex. The size and variety of these systems guarantee the robustness of procedural memory and the fact that, unlike episodic memory, procedural memory can remain largely intact even in the face of extensive damage to the hippocampi and medial temporal-lobe structures.... Among other things.

Daily BPAL

Troll: A lurching, hateful, bitter scent. This is a gruesome blend of ghastly greens and blacks: vetiver, pine pitch, troll musk, black basil, clove smoke, and scorched cumin.

In bottle: Thick heavy pine pitch and vetiver, and something herbal.

On me: The previous scents blend wonderfully. Bit of spiky pine peeking out of the mix, but just a little. The cumin and basil make it just the *tiniest* bit foody-spicy, but for the most part, this is a nice dark scent; like Minotaur, but not resinous. I really like it.

Goblin: Dab a bit behind each ear, and you'll be instantly inspired to alter street signs, shake fruit from your neighbor's trees, and hide your roommate's car keys. Black coconut, gnarly patchouli, and sweet benzoin.

In bottle: All benzoin!

On me: Oh, there's the coconut. Rises up out of the benzoin. I'm not getting patchouli. Just a sweet, non-macaroony coconut. *sniffs again* *Little* patchouli, underneath it all. This is lighter than I thought it would be.

For the most part, I'll just be puttering about industriously. Have some phone calls to make:insurance company and vet. Have Elayna's Open House tonight.
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