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The thing that's been keeping me quietly, severely tense over the last few days - Max isn't well.

* He's always been more prone to throwing up than the other cats, but he's done it thrice this week.
* He peed in my office Saturday morning. He's only peed outside the litterbox twice before: once when we were packing to move from FL to GA, and once when we had six houseguests in space for two during DramaCon DragonCon '02. So. He only does this under extreme stress.
* He had diarrhea on me/the couch yesterday.

The vet took urine and stool samples (blood in the stool) and will call me back. Max might have to get evaluated in terms of kidney/liver function, depending on what these tests show. He's on Carafate thrice a day for two day, then twice a day til it's gone, to soothe him tummy. He needs to be isolated from the other cats overnight. And not fed. I should give him some boiled chicken tomorrow.

He also has periodontal disease, which could explain the vomiting - if it hurts to chew, he might be swallowing his food whole, and his stomach may not be able to handle it. We'll treat that after the more immediate problems are resolved.

Good thoughts for Max, please. This is my baby. He's been with me through four houses, three states, two husbands; he's my comfort. He sits on my lap when I'm not feeling well. He snuggles up to me when I sleep.
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