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All three cats are sitting on chairs right now. Not the floor. Not beanbags. Not couches. Chairs.

And they are all staring at each other.


*stares at the cats staring at each other*

Um. Yes. Other than the note about the eerie silence and watchful felines, this post is mostly just to say that I am still alive. Because if I go a day without posting, people poke at me via e-mail to see I'm dead in a suitcase somewhere. Nope. Just completely and utterly fried. Posts about my wonderful weekend to follow when less fried. (Summation: Friday = mind-altering, body-testing,phenomenal sex; Saturday = Girl Scouts Like Whoa and then a really fun but high-energy-level house party; Sunday = Halloween-stuff shopping, then me pretty much collapsing on the couch all fidgety but exhausted all day.)

I will now break the cats' concentration in order to go see what Elayna's up to without her music or the shower on. (The shower should be on at this particular time of night.)
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