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Happy birthday to vurtsnake/Bordertown's TechWolf!

Happy early birthday to volta and auryn29a, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader vrax!

Same. And yes, taking yesterday's theories with a grain of salt. Will be calling the primary care doc today, as I want to breathe.

Wearable Sculpture house party!
Tomorrow at 5! RSVP to Kythryne now!

Dungeons & Dragons: Celebrating 30 years of very stupid monsters. Elayna was reading this over my shoulder, and I think I have her interested in starting to play D&D just so she can kill Flumphs and Giant Space Hamsters.

Link Soup
* Lifestraw delivers the most basic needs and purifies water from potential pathogens like typhoid, cholera, dysentery and diarrhea, becoming one of the icons of humanitarian product design- by the time the water hits your lips, it’s completely safe and potable.
* Choose or upload a photo and a palette of colors based on the colors in the photo will be generated automatically. Use it to help with art projects, website design, or even with decorating your home.
Bomb-sniffing bees!

Daily Science
Archaeologists digging in northern Israel have discovered evidence of a 3,000-year-old beekeeping industry, including remnants of ancient honeycombs, beeswax and what they believe are the oldest intact beehives ever found.

Daily Scent-Stuff
The last of the Droplettes:
The Zodiac Club: A melange of the esoteric and bohemian: ginger, peppercorn, a backdrop of smoke and sweetened clove cigarettes.

In bottle: Sweetspicysmoky.

On me: Mostly a very quiet ginger. Wisps of smoke in the background.

Empress Ming Li Zho’s Sparkling Infusion for Happy Brightness: In a former life as a Zen monk some good 528 years ago or more, I lived in a very, very small region of China. It was a very lush and peaceful place that had a very, very dainty Empress to govern the land, which as I mentioned was very, very small and did not extend beyond the two mountains that cradled the valley of the region. Empress Ming Li Zho was an only child and her parents passed away when she was very young. Although she was raised by kind hearted people of the court, Empress Ming Li Zho missed her parents dearly and named a pair of red pandas after them. As she grew up, but not very much since she was very, very dainty and hence quite petite in size, she paid particular attention to other children who had also lost their parents (or other beloved things) and were having a difficult time smiling or knowing joy. She inquired with some local healers who sent her to the nearly coo-coo old man who did not live in a cave, but in a hole in the ground, who then sent her to talk to the yellow birds in the blue trees who, in turn, chirped a little song about happiness. The Empress translated a recipe from this song. It was the Sparkling Infusion for Happy Brightness. She shared it freely with all and sometimes used it herself on days when she felt she could use a little cheering up: a blend of two gingers, a few pressed leaves of mint and a very, very small piece of crushed lemongrass.

In bottle: Oh, eee... it's all lemongrass.

On me: HI! I'M LEMONGRASS! Foo. :(

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Chocolate-brown yoga pants, cream-and-brown T-shirt.
Reading: Divergence, by Tony Ballantyne. Meh.
Today: Curves, dealing with doctor crap, paying bills, picking up prescriptions, writing that What Epilepsy Means To Me thing, getting house tidy for tomorrow. Date tonight with feste_sylvain!
Tomorrow: Breakfast with Adam, Elayna, feste_sylvain, and visiting internet-daughter zarhooie; Girl Scout Wearable Sculpture workshop/interview (they'll be earning a patch or two with this); Wearable Sculpture house party for grownups. Okay, we're not grownups, per se. People over the age of 18.
Sunday: Sleep! And help Elayna put the finishing touches on her summer book-based art project, aka her entry into catvalente's Orphan's Tales art show, which is due next week.

If you're coming by tomorrow, please bring a camera! I want party pics, zarhooie wants a pic of her, me, and Elayna, and I want a picture of Elayna's project. Dammit. I need a camera.

But for now, Curves, so's not to let the muscles atrophy. St00pid muscles.
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