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Medical update #986

Fiddling with silly career memes because I'm still processing my allergist visit.

Results of the allergy testing were no great surprise - pollen, grass, dust mites, animal dander (yes, including cats; yes, I have three cats).

Surprise was that the restriction in my lung capacity seemed, to the allergist, to be indicative of rheumatological factors. No, fibro is not a rheumatological factor. His instinct is to nudge me to look into the possibility of lupus, particularly considering the flush of color across my nose and cheeks that puts him in mind of the typical lupus malar rash.

It took great effort not to say, a la Dr. House, "It's never lupus!"


He definitely wants me to see a pulmonary specialist. Definitely need a chest X-ray, and he reeled off a list of other tests I could expect. Wants me to see a dermatologist, too, re: the patch of constantly-irritated skin on my wrist that worsens with allergen exposure.

So. Game plan is to call my primary care doc tomorrow and arrange the chest X-ray and referral to pulmonary doc and dermatologist, go back to allergist this time next week for food-allergy testing, and I already have a rheumatologist appointment for the Tuesday after next, so whatever data I have then - if it points to the possibility of something rheumatological being the culprit here - I'll present to him. In the meantime, I'm to add Allegra to my daily chemical stew, try the Flonase again, and try to avoid allergens. (Ha.) There. We have a game plan.

I have gone through the wanting to scream "No more wire hangers doctors!" phase, and am now in the "Give me the ice cream and no one gets hurt" phase. I am surly. And wheezy. (Two rejected dwarfs.)
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