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Wearable Sculpture house party Saturday!

Wearable Sculpture = gorgeous twisted-wire jewelry. You've probably seen me wearing some - elaborate necklaces with pearls and seashells, pretty sparkly earrings, delicate crystal pendants on twisty neckwires.

On Saturday, at 5 PM, kythryne and Amy will be at my house, doing custom work on the spot.

* They're bringing the whole inventory - seriously, look over here. So much shiny! Personally, I'm looking forward to trying on the headpieces.

* There will be free earrings for all attendees!

* There will be a drawing for a free pendant!

This is a low-key thing, not a sales pitch... come on over and watch them work, have some tea and cookies. But remember that $WINTERHOLIDAY is coming up, and that you probably have friends and relatives who'd love a pendant or a pair of earrings. Support local artisans!

This party has limited space, because kythryne doesn't want to blow out her wrists. :) We have about half a dozen spots available. Note: If you've commented on a past post, but not e-mailed, you're not on the official list! Please RSVP via e-mail to help Kyth keep stuff organized. kythryne AT
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