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An open letter to Fashion

Dear clothing catalogs,

Yes, we are fabulous. Thank you for noticing. And thank you for providing cute summer tops and dresses to show us off. Your latest offerings, however, have left us quite dismayed. You see, we live in Boston. You may be aware that it gets cold in Boston. So while we appreciate the fact that you still carry an infinite array of items designed to expose us down to the xyphoid process, this really isn't the time for it. Frostbitten nipples = not our kink. So "sweaters" draped off the shoulders and dipping down nigh unto the navel = also not our kink.

Please provide sweaters that actually cover us. We have been the center of attention all summer, and wish to hibernate in a cozy bit of cashmere. We do not yearn to be free; we yearn to be warm.

Very truly yours,
Shadesong's breasts
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