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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to bunny_sonatas!

Same as yesterday.

Invisible Illness
If you haven't read the comments on that post yet, you should do so. It's enlightening. (Thank you, commenters!) In some cases, I had no idea what y'all were dealing with. But. Y'know. Invisible.

Slightly off-topic: I have thought of getting a t-shirt made that says "This is what an epileptic looks like."

Something Beautiful
Insect kiragami.

Link Soup
* Spider-Man to the rescue!
* Funky Fries and other food that flopped.
* Mr. Men online pinball!

Daily Science
Subglacial lake in Antarctica! In the wake of the lake's discovery, there arose considerable debate regarding the likelihood of finding life there. The environment is remarkably similar to the dark and cold ocean below the surface of Jupiter's ice moon Europa, so the discovery of life in Vostok could have interesting extraterrestrial implications. Due to the cold, the complete absence of sunlight, and the toxic levels of oxygen, many scientists are certain that Lake Vostok is sterile. That, however, would be a scientific first, since never before has a completely lifeless body of water been found on Earth. Extremophile organisms have turned up in the unlikeliest of places, including within volcanic vents on the ocean floor, in the rocks deep in the Earth's crust, and in frozen arctic soil.

Daily Scent-Stuff
Everything from my recent swap/sale is now in the mail. Sale's still on, though.


: Pumpkin, complementing spices, creams and fresh autumn apple.

In bottle: Sweet yummy pumpkin! Apple on the afterscent.

On me: The apple pops out over the pumpkin, but doesn't overtake it completely. Sweet spicy autumn-fruity. :)

Devonshire Cottage: A quaint stone farm house with a view of the wild ponies. A bountiful bouquet of herbs from the garden, creeping ivy, and a gentle base of clotted cream, sugar and condensed milk.

In bottle: Very green. Steams of plants. Ivy.

On me: Nice soft herbal. :)

Trip to Target, various house-type stuff, Diesel tonight.
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