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Happy birthday to fastfwd, tinhuviel, and wired_lizard!

Wheezy, but otherwise... pretty much okay. Sex with feste_sylvain cures all ills! (Except the asthma. We'll work on that.)

This week, I get back on track. I have energy today, and I'm going to use it.

Can some wonderful person with PhotoShop caption this with something suitable for I Can Has Fug? "Oh Hai. I am mindin yur sheep." or something.

More fuggable pics: this, this, and this (just for the ridiculous headband - Alicia Keys wanting very badly to be Diana Ross in 1978).

Here. Have some beauty.
* Alain Mailland carves all of these, by hand, for a single piece of wood.

Link Soup
* Wooden iPod gramophone case. With pencil sharpener.
* "'Waiter, is this the right bug in my soup?' We eat crickets, live octopus and blistering hot ramen for your cruel enjoyment."
* Creative Recycling!
* "Jim Henson’s Fantastic World", an exciting new traveling exhibit, opened today at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Check here to see when it'll be near you!

Daily Science
Airic’s_arm is inspired by nature. Based on a combination of mechatronics and the biological model of a human being, it opens up new possibilities for future automated movement processes.

The Airic’s_arm is a robotic arm fitted with artificial bones and muscles. The bone structure, consisting of the human bones such as ulna and radius, metacarpal bone and finger bone, shoulder joint and shoulder blade – joints that do not occur as such in the technical world – is moved via 30 muscles.

Daily Scent-Stuff

Arcana Soaps: Alhambra: Recline in the shadow of the Alhambra with this Moorish blend of pomegranate juice, fresh Spanish rosemary, aged patchouli and golden beeswax. The Court of the Lions beckons.

In bottle: Ooooh. Sweetened rosemary.

On me: This is all rosemary. Fresh-cut, sharp, green, spiky rosemary. I love rosemary. Ooooh, now the beeswax is coming out!

Revelation: Revelation captures the scent of a Wild Fig Tree. The prime note is that of Fig Leaves & Twigs blended with Honey and a touch of Spice. The perfume is based on a rich warm blend of Cedarwood, Cypress Wood, Amber & Labdanum.

In bottle: At Sabur, I get a dessert call a Macedonian Fig Sundae. This smells like that, lushly sweet figs.

On me: The base-notes of it are now forming the bulk of the scent. Which I don't mind, because I have a mighty love for labdanum. Not spicy. Yummy, though!

Spicy Leather: Very faint! I smell nothing at all, really. o.O

Black Tea: Yes. Is black tea. *sniffs on skin* Still black tea! I like Russian Caravan Tea better, because there's more *to* it...

* Curves
* Some chunk of the Stuff Around the House I Gotta Do
* Blog the VMAs
* Pack up BPAL sale packages

I actually have energy today, so I'll likely get more than this done, but I don't want to jinx myself! :)
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