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*snuggles into the couch*

Still at feste_sylvain's, pajama-clad and gradually becoming caffeinated.

End-of-Summer Party was most excellent (thanks again, sunspiral!), right up until my pain triggered a big wall of No Cope. I should've been sitting down more. And yeah, after the lack of cope I've had the past few days, it's a wonder I made it that long (about six hours at the party, after a morning of Baking Drama (Shaw's doesn't sell unsweetened baking chocolate anymore!)). I was doing very well, and then the pain started spiralling, and then I was abruptly overheated and claustrophobic and squirmed my way outside and tapped feste_sylvain on the shoulder and said "Hi. I am going to run completely out of cope in the Very Near Future." At which point he immediately said goodbye to the people he was talking to, helped find the kids, and bundled us all out the door.

Have I mentioned that I love this man? Seriously, I'm accustomed to people saying "Oh, okay," and then taking another half hour to amble out, at which point I will be half in tears, because at a certain point the pain starts increasing exponentially. This man? Under five minutes, and that's *with* locating and packing up three kids.

Anyway. The party itself was loads of fun. :) And it was wonderful to see everyone, and to meet nifty new people. But yes. That's why I didn't say my goodbyes. Sometimes you know when the wall is coming, how many spoons you have left. Sometimes you just don't know. The spoons are yanked out of your hand, so to speak. And last night? Totally blindsided. This is one of the things that people who haven't experienced it often don't get. How you can be fine and then just Not. How, instead of a gradual decline, there can be a sudden crash.

Feeling much better this morning. Taking it easy. Was going to hit the South End Open Market, but I think that's probably been rained out. So curling up and watching a movie sounds much better. *nod*
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