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Happy birthday to jdotmi and pharminatrix!

Happy early birthday to blergeatkitty, ceolyn, and gothwalk, who all advance a year over the weekend!

Same as yesterday.

Take a minute to do this, please!
Ground zero in the fight for women's access to reproductive health care just landed in Aurora, Illinois, a fast-growing city outside Chicago, where Planned Parenthood just built our newest health center. The usual suspects in the anti-choice fringe have showed up in droves - more people are protesting this clinic than we've seen in a very long time. We need your help! Complete the information at right to tie a ribbon in your name outside the clinic. You'll be sending a powerful message to the protesters that Planned Parenthood has support from across the country. And, you'll let the women seeking care there know that they are welcome and supported, too.

Link Soup
* Planetarium-Tellurium! "Made by Richard Mille over a 7-year period, it has a perpetual calendar that shows not only the Earth’s position, but also that of Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon. It even shows the rotation of the earth on its axis, the phases of the moon, and the Zodiac signs."
* A lightbulb (well,three) in a pear tree! "Each pear contains ten ultrabright white LEDs, an autonomous charging circuit, and rare-earth magnets that allow it to be "picked" from the tree and remain fully illuminated for over an hour."
* Create a shirt with your Twitter info!
* 10 Things You Might've Been Better Off Not Knowing About Your Body.
* Fun videoclips.
* Discworld wedding cake!
* Periodic Table coasters!

Daily Science
The quantum mechanics of smell. In the case of olfaction, however, there is a problem. A finite number of olfactory receptors recognize a seemingly infinite number of odorant molecules. So, although the shape and size of odorants is known to be important, olfactory receptors must also be detecting some other property of the odorants.

In the mid-1990s, Luca Turin, a biophysicist who was then at University College London, proposed a novel mechanism for olfactory receptor transduction. Few people, if any, know more about how the nose knows the difference between one odorant and another than Turin. He is, to borrow the title of a recent book about him, "the emperor of scent". It is because of his expertise in olfaction that the French perfume houses consulted Turin about their new fragrances. At UCL, Turin's office doubled up as a makeshift laboratory. He spent much of his time in the long, narrow room, its walls lined from floor to ceiling with bottles of perfume, tirelessly investigating the relationship between the structures of thousands of aromatic compounds and their odours. His theory was published in the journal Chemical Senses:

...olfactory receptors respond not to the shape of the molecules but to their vibrations. [The theory provides] a detailed and plausible mechanism for biological transduction of molecular vibrations: inelastic electron tunnelling.

In a non-biological system, inelastic electron tunneling is "a non-optical form of vibrational spectroscopy [which] relies on the interaction between electrons tunneling across a narrow gap between metallic electrodes and a molecule in the gap". In a biological system, such as the olfactory system, this would involve the tunneling of an electron between a suitable donor molecule and specific, electrically-charged amino acid residues within the olfactory receptor...

Daily Scent-Stuff
Click & Ships are starting to go out for the Halloweenies, and I don't have one yet. *pout*

But today, Blooddrops/Droplettes. (Does anyone have a corset from Blooddrops? Any feedback?)

Purr: Purr is that timeless and opulent quality of cats. Sandalwood, cognac, black currant and fig.

In bottle: Sweet figgy/curranty goodness.

On me: Now the sandalwood and cognac come out. Wow, this is a good combo. Deep fruity scent with the cognac, grounded in sandalwood. Very rich, very lush.

This is an LE that's part of a benefit to raise money to spay and neuter a crapload of barn kitties. It comes with a catnip pillow that my boys were *all* over. There are two other scents, and I wish I had the money to get all three!

Bardot: A deep, vigorous and mature fragrance. Cassia, bitter dark cacao, riz de Basmati, honey, patchouli and pink peppercorn.

In bottle: Cacao and patchouli.

On me: The honey rises up, and the pepper tickles the nose. Another lushly-layered blend!

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Nightshirt.
Reading: The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume One, edited by Jonathan Strahan.
Writing: Still need time to finish the Cape Cod piece. Maybe that'll come today.
Today: Errands around town, possible date with marmota tonight.
Tomorrow: End-of-Summer Party!
Sunday: South End Open Market, if Saturday doesn't wipe me out too much.

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