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Thor's Day

Breathing a little better today than yesterday; feste_sylvain notes that pollen counts are slightly down, so the pollen is likely the problem. Painwise, still doing well save for my feet, which are being *so* difficult that I swear it feels like they belong to some other body. Only mild aching in the thigh, the calf, and then we get to the mass of snarled and taut muscles and tendons that I have to stand and walk on.

First Day of Seventh Grade!
I managed to drag my butt out of bed in time for Part Two of Getting The Child To School. The part that included asking questions like "Did you pack your lunch?" (answer: "Oh, crap!") and "Where are your glasses?" and "Is that your homework on the kitchen table?"

Also just in time to give her a back-to-school gift - the earrings she'd been seriously admiring in a boutique in Cape Cod, little blue crystal flowers. She squeed. :)

(First day of seventh grade outfit, for the record: Jeans, off-white tee with the kanji for "dream" on it, monkey socks, skull sneakers, hair pulled back in a low ponytail with a pretty ribboned thing, new earrings, best-friend jewelry, hatching-sea-turtle necklace. And glasses. EDIT: BPALers: She chose Miskatonic University for her first day. Because it's academic. And smells, to her, like cookies.)

She's been crazy-nervous - she came here in late October last year, so she'd never *started* here, and didn't know procedures. I told her she'd be fine, and decided to walk with her so she wouldn't be driving herself crazy the whole way there with "what-if". Secret Mommy distraction powers! We were almost there when she spotted her newest friend (friend of Coyote-chan), so she had someone to walk with the rest of the way. Yay! And I bumped into two of her other friends on the way back - and one of them is in her cluster. Double yay!

So. Now I wait til 3:30.

"I am a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan."
slipjig wants to learn to say that in as many languages as possible. Go give him a translation!

I Can Has Fug!
Remember my post yesterday about I Can Has Cheezburger and Go Fug Yourself? mslaynie did it. spoothbrush did it *and* started a blog for it. I Can Has Fug!

Stuff I Want
* These granola bars are so freaking good. Anyone know if they sell them locally? (Are they good for me or bad for me? I can't read nutritional information. All I know is that they don't have trans fats, and I have picked up that that is a good thing.)

* These candles are stupid expensive, but the scents intrigue me. Anyone know who makes a good, strongly-scented, affordable candle in scents like Lychee + Lapsang or Ginger + Date? Don't need massage oil. Just pretty smells.

* Kickass Cupcakes is opening in Davis Square this weekend!

* I need a new digital camera. What's good?

Daily Science
...the auditory and communicative behaviors within groups of humpbacks reveal remarkable intelligence. However, since whale specimens are rare—either harvested from beached whales or sick aquarium residents—scientists know only the basics of their brain surface anatomy and are virtually ignorant about what goes on underneath.

But last summer, neuroscientists from Mount Sinai School of Medicine got their hands on one of these rare brain samples and studied it. Now they've published a thorough morphological analysis of the humpback brain, and have compared it to a host of other species.

Daily BPAL

The Living Flame: A luminescent red scent: breathless with passion, flickering with desire, and glowing with ardent and reverential love.

In bottle: Sweet, warm, resinous.

On me: Smoky, dark red, glowy. :) Musky. Hm. A little bit floral now.

Poisoned Apple: A perfect, lovely, gleaming red apple whose sweetness masks a swirl of narcotic opium, oleander, and hemlock.

In bottle: Hey, yeah, that's apple.

On me: Yep. Appleappleappleapple.

Also? Apple.

..did I mention the apple? Because this is apple.

But it's an apple that reminds one that apple seeds contain cyanide. There's just a touch of that opium/hemlock darkness, an afterscent post-apple - when you've already bitten in, when it's too late. :) Perfect!

* All of my exercise-type clothes are in the wash. So for my daily exercise, I shall do naked yoga.
* Pack up sold BPAL (post office trip will be tomorrow).
* Query letter for Seizure Lass. The publisher I'm looking at doesn't do e-submissions, dammit.
* #^%$&%*& housework.
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