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Odin's Day

Feet hurt, but overall,pretty good. Yay massage!

Back to School
Elayna has Projects today, oh yes - emptying her backpack of summer stuff and filling it with school supplies, and finishing her art project. There will be photos of this. When I get a camera. Also, it will be exhibited at the Orphan's Tales art shows in Cleveland, Boston, and New York. (Yes, seriously.)

I need teeth. Lots of teeth. From different animals. Dear readers, is there a way to get teeth or decent models of same? (Yes, I have an art project I've been woefully neglecting, too.)

The Shayara kerfuffle has thrown my writing-planning into disarray. Oy! So:
* the rest of the Woods Hole thing, which is ready to fall out of my brain and just needs time alone to do so
* query letter for Seizure Lass - writers, anyone willing to send me your query letters to look over or look mine over? I've never done this before. This is for the adjusting-to-the-epilepsy-diagnosis/going-through-medical-hell book.
* Shayara. Have started working with haikujaguar on the map.
* The leanan sidhe story.

Pretty much, if you're local or have ever been to one of our Foundling's Thanksgivings before, you're invited. (I do need to send the eVite.)

Link Soup
* Egg furniture.
* Escher's "Relativity" in Legos.
* Top 10 Vegas Neon Experiences.

Daily Science
Triggered by body heat, a remote camera recently captured this image of the elusive Chinese mountain cat at about 12,300 feet (3,750 meters) on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau in China's Sichuan Province.

A total of eight images of the feline represent the first time the mountain cat has been photographed in the wild, said Jim Sanderson, a cat specialist with the Wildlife Conservation Network who led the team that snapped the rare shots. A paper about the cat will appear in an upcoming issue of the journal Science.

Daily BPAL
Yay! The BPAL sale has made me enough money for my Wearable Sculpture Wanderlust piece! *boogies down* It's still going on though, if you want to take a look. Rather mail a bunch of stuff at once. Got Chaos Theories, Lump of Coal...

Hunter Moon 2004: This scent is redolent of night skies, falling leaves, and the high-pitched tension and release associated with the Hunt. A blend of traditional lunar oils touched with dry leaves, autumn bonfires, warm mulled wine, feral, animalistic notes and the chill of approaching winter.

In bottle: Mulled wine and dark woods.

On me: More of the same. Wine spilled over autumn leaves.

Corazon: The scent of divine mercy, pulsating and throbbing through the heart of every living creature. Glorious red musk and a halo of golden amber with a touch of wet mango, lavender, and purple sage.

In bottle: Red musk and lavender = a weird combo.

On me: Still a weird combo. Spiky herbal lavender over musk.

Nag child all day to get her stuff done
Nap - I woke up ridiculously early this morning.
Possibly going out tonight - not sure.
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