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The bad news up front: m0usegrrl has again backed out of drawing Shayara.

Yeah, you can probably guess what I'm feelin' here right now. But that's not what this post is about.

This post is about the future of the story.

What now?

I have, for the last few years, been envisioning it as a comic. Rather, a movie that I was transcribing. So it's *really* hard to make a mental shift on that. Like slamming the brakes on a car doing 90mph.

My options, as considered yesterday, are as follows:

Option A: Post text with spot illos.
Option B: Write it as a novel.
Option C: Short stories/novel chunks as chapbooks, illustrated or no, sold through the website.

Notice that "find a new artist" isn't on the list. Why? Because good comics artists are a rarity. Half the posts on comics-pro message boards are along the lines of "writer needs artist." And I won't use substandard art. Last time Mouse backed out, I tried using a different artist, but he was an idiot and turned out to be a bad artist anyway. I'm not going through that again, and I'm not going through months of searching. We are moving forward here. Only forward.

I can see it better as Option A than Option B. It's a very visual story. So okay. The phrase on a million coffee mugs: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

So I shot for the moon. I e-mailed the one person I felt could pull off what I needed - an illuminated manuscript, essentially - with beauty and panache.

And she agreed. :)

Shayara 1.0 was the straight text I wrote as a teenager. Shayara 2.0 was the comic with Mouse.

Welcome to Shayara 3.0. Words still by me. *waves* Spot illustrations, embellishments, maps, and whatever else comes by the incredible, indomitable, phenomenal haikujaguar (art here).

So what I need for right now is:
* A web-person, preferably local, so I can finally start getting stuff set up over there.
* Feedback from my sponsors. You chipped in to see a webcomic. A story embedded in a map and regularly-posted illuminated-text pages is... well, it stretches the definition of a webcomic. I speak particularly to the $100-level sponsors, who were meant to be drawn in by mouse - haikujaguar is doing spot illos, not a comic, so I can't figure out how to work that in. Let me know what you want to do - if you want money back, or you want to let it ride. Shadesong AT
* Feedback in general.
* Art. haikujaguar's doing the map, but I need pictures of buildings. Library. Tower. Aerie. Any architects out there? ;) (It actually suits to have different building art, as the city was cobbled together over thousands of years, and thus these buildings are from different eras and in different styles to begin with.) (Note: If haikujaguar wants this, she gets it; just trying to make less work for her!)
* Hugs, if you see me at Diesel tonight.

This is my story. I have other ones, but this one...

Never worry that you will not see Shayara. It will come out, even if it's posthumously. It is a full world living inside my head, pounding at me to be shown.
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