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Answering questions from my comment-screened ask-me-anything post...

What do you want for $WINTERHOLIDAY?
A pony. Also, I have wishlists at and Gift certificates to local places I like, like Magpie or SparkCraft, also = keen. And for those low on funds, I love cute socks. And still need help hanging pictures.

What's the fastest way to raise $27K, solely for personal use, nothing charitable about it, without selling drugs or my body?
Hm. That is... a lot of money. Readers? Any ideas?

Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?/Do you realize how stunningly beautiful you are?
Those were actually consecutive, from different readers. The answer, clearly, is no. Um. I have a great deal of difficulty taking compliments on my physical appearance. I just never know what to do with them. Compliments on my writing or child-rearing, I can take, because they're merit-based and can open avenues of conversation. But I've yet to be complimented on my physical appearance without inwardly cringing. Curse of the Ugly Duckling. I'm never going to believe it, I don't think.

Is it possible that Time is multi-dimensional and geometrical and that the reason we see a redshift the further away we observe an object is not because the universe is expanding, but because time itself is curved and in relation to our position, it appears to moving slower because it is at angle to our 'brane' of 4D space? And if that is the case, is it also possible that the reason we experience one dimension unidirectional time is because our brane space is on the inside of an expanding multi-dimensional bubble of space/time which is expanding at uniform rate?

When's Shayara premiering?
Ask m0usegrrl! *is waiting patiently*

would you buy the perfect house in the less-than-perfect location (ie east somerville)?
I'm not familiar with East Somerville. How less-than-perfect is it?
I also have a kid factoring into the decision, so it's not just a neighborhood decision for me, it's a school decision. If it's not a good school, I wouldn't do it, no matter how perfect the house.

If you and I could hang out for a day, what would you want to do?
Mock the stupid! Also, have coffee.

Are we cool? I would like to catch up with you sometime when you have time.
We're okay. Catching up sometime would be good, though.

If you could have one thing sewn for you, what would it be?
A corset. I'm not a corset person, in general; I have one, but it's ill-fitting and wasn't the one I wanted. Credit an ex-boyfriend with talking me into it. *wry smile* It gives me one of those massive tit shelves. Those look good on nobody. I would like something that actually fits my curves, and keeps my breasts where they belong.

Dumb question - are you taking Mobic and/or Zanaflex? I've just been given both and I am simply made of stupid.
I was taking Mobic, but it didn't really do anything for me. Have never taken Zanaflex. I'm on Celebrex now, which has improved things a bit. The bursitis is mostly calmed down at this point. Plantar fasciitis is still a concern.

I went to order Crypt Queen today and found out they sold out between this morning, and this I'm a newbie to the world that is BPAL, I'm trying to figure out where I would find people who are trying to swap/sell it if they get it and decide they don't want to keep it...
sinandsalvation and bpalmarketplace on LJ, and the swap boards on Good luck!

Name something you avoided trying for a long time under the belief that you wouldn't like it, only to discover that you did.
Indian food. *eyes the leftover aloo gobi in the fridge*


With all that has happened to you, with all that is happening to the world, with the ever-increasing death-spiral of greed and stupidity and selfishness and cupidity that has us all falling, nay driving, thrusting, nose down throttles wide open afterburners screaming blue flaming exclamation points from the overstressed engines blasting straight towards the rocks while the pilots are back partying with the first-class passengers...

How do you, can you, still have hope?


Because I have to.

So many variants to that answer. Because I have to. Because someone has to. Because, as a parent, I have to.

Because I have to: Because I can't believe that this is all for nothing. And because I see good in the world, and lots of it, and I have to believe that it will overcome, or I will drown in despair. And I have overcome so much in my life that I cannot give up now.

Because someone has to: One candle kills the darkness. And when others see that one candle burning, they'll light their own, because they know it can be done. Does that makes sense? This ties back to the speaking-out-about-rape thing. One person standing there saying "You can survive this" and "You are not alone" makes a hell of a ripple effect. I do it because I can.

Because, as a parent, I have to: If I succumbed to the belief that we are all fucking doomed - that's the logic chain that leads to people shooting their loved ones in the head to save them from future pain. No. I have an amazing bright cantankerous creative loving almost-teenager, and I have to believe not only that there is a place for her in this world, but that she and her friends, her generation, will carry forth our torch and make this world better.

I have to have hope. So I do. I really do.

I'm not 100% sure why this is tying into another thought I've meant to write about, but it is, so: I have had comments to the effect of wondering how, with my medical shit alone, I can be so "bubbly", and why I go out and Do Stuff even though I know it'll hurt more later.

Because I have a choice. I can sit at home in pain, or I can go to the park with friends in pain. I can curl up on the couch in pain, or I can go to a concert in pain. The pain is a constant. Fine. Accepted. Now what am I gonna do? If I'm going to be in pain anyway, I may as well dance.

There you go. 'song's motto for the day: May as well dance.

...and now, more coffee...

Ask me more, if you'd like!
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