Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Random post that I do not have the time to be making

Things You Do Not Understand About Florida If You are from New England
Stop expressing shock when I reveal that I cannot parallel park. They don't teach you how in Florida. Because you never need to, that's why.

Me: "You don't understand. In Florida, there are enough parking spaces."
marmota, gesturing to car parked in the middle of an area that could conceivably accommodate two parallel-parked cars: "There are enough parking spaces here, it's just..."
Me: "Nooo. That is not a parking space. See, in Florida? You cannot build a building without planning enough parking spaces. They won't let you. I'm not talking about patches of sidewalk that, by general consensus, have been deemed okay to pull up on. I'm talking parking lots."

Yes, the ecological footprint is huge and evil. It's a voting bloc of senior citizens who aren't going to be around to see what global warming hath wrought anyway, and their kids never visit, so, y'know, fuck 'em. The motto of South Florida: Give us convenience, because death's ambling on up anyway.


Thing That Drives Me Crazy at Rotaries/Roundabouts
Yield != Stop.

Thing That Drives Me Crazy About You, Dear Friends
Enough wibbling about the maybe I'll do this and maybe we could do that. If you want one of my weekends, stop wibbling and grab it now. I have a ton of time-sensitive stuff to plan for September in particular, and I am not having any more of this maybe-I'll-visit-on-the-15th-or-maybe-the-22nd. I have a bunch of Girl Scout stuff and a Wearable Sculpture house party that I need to get in this month alone. Grab a fucking day and commit to it or you're getting bumped to October.

Must go shower, get the house ready for Elayna's thing today, get Elayna baking, and see if I can actually get some stuff done in the tiny bits of time before the influx of preteen girls.
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