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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to corrguineacht!

Legs and feet are pretty bad, but that's to be expected with all the walking around I did yesterday. feste_sylvain found interesting areas of my back, neck, and shoulders: "Well, that's not supposed to be there." I have a massage appointment. Tuesday.

The main character's exposition, a voiceover over the image of the ship and the sun: "Our sun is dying. Mankind faces extinction. Seven years ago, the Icarus project sent a mission to restart the sun... but that mission was lost before it reached the star. Sixteen months ago, I - Robert Capa - and a crew of seven left earth frozen in a solar winter. Our payload: a stellar bomb with a mass equivalent to Manhattan Island. Our purpose: to create a star within a star. Eight astronauts strapped to the back of a bomb. My bomb. Welcome to the Icarus Two."

I cannot really tell you anything more about the plot without spoiling it for you. But - dude.

This movie is like reading a Peter Watts novel.

Things go Wrong. Characters have to make insanely difficult decisions, with no room for error. "This is not a democracy. We are astronauts and scientists. We'll analyze and make the right choice." And they do, again and again, as the choices get harder and harder, as they get closer and closer to the sun...

This movie is tight. It's extremely well-written, all of the actors are perfect in their roles - even the science is good. Please go see this movie so Hollywood will make more like it!

Link Soup
* Electronic spin the bottle? Did the world really demand this?
* "Custom-built sensors hidden inside coconuts are hung from trees at several public locations to monitor noise produced by overflying aircraft. Detection of excessive aircraft noise triggers automated telephone calls to the airport's complaint line on behalf of the city's residents and wildlife. Documentation of noise incidents is archived for later analysis."
* The World Without Us.

Daily Science
It sounds like a simple task: Count the number of photons or particles of light in a light beam without destroying them in the process. But in fact, it took 17 years to accomplish the feat, researchers report this week in Nature.

A team at the École Normale Superiéure in Paris fired specially primed atoms through a pair of the most reflective mirrors ever built [see image], gradually revealing the number of photons bouncing between their reflective surfaces. Their method provides a high-resolution glimpse of the eerie "collapse" of a quantum system and may be useful in developing future quantum-based technologies.

Daily Scent-stuff

Under the Arbor: This is the scent of Crushed Grape Leaves, Weathered Wood, Green Moss and Cool Earth.

In bottle: Wood and leaves and moss, yes - a shady spot, nestles deep into greenery.

On me: Curled up under sheltering trees with a good book.

In the Library: English Novel taken from a Signed First Edition of one of my very favorite novels, Russian & Moroccan leather bindings, worn cloth and a hint of wood polish

In bottle: Books!

On me: Books! And yes, that hint of polish - just enough to convey that this is a marvelous private library, custom-built shelves and one of those sliding ladders...

Russian Caravan Tea: Smoked black Indian tea, bergamot and the hint of shelves full of old books

In bottle: Ach. Unfortunately, that bergamot note is *really* strong.

On me: And it's strong on me, too. This is a lovely tea scent, but not on my skin.

In the Summer Kitchen: Fresh garden vegetables & herbs on a clear summer evening with a touch of smoked old wooden rafters

In bottle: Wow! Yes. Smoke from a wood-burning stove, and herbs in a window garden.

On me: Gorgeous. I could sit in this kitchen forever.

* Yoga
* Tidying up the house
* Meeting mllelaurel for lunch, and dragging her back here to see my etchings smell my BPAL
* Finishing the perfect-day-in-Woods-Hole thing, if I've time and my wrists are no longer screaming at me.
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