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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to jasra!

Hello to new reader sdn!

Mostly okay, with the feet being the real difficulty. Going to the doctor this afternoon re: the rapidly mounting Allergy Problem.

Woods Hole
As you can tell, and as you'll continue to see as I finish writing this (rather, finish bleeding it out onto the "paper"), the summer I spent at Woods Hole when I was twelve was extremely formative in so many ways.

Tell me what formed you. Tell me one of your turning points.

Link Soup
* Tim Pratt has posted the first chapter of his new book, Blood Engines, over here. Go read!
* "A fossilized penis bone from an extinct walrus isn't the usual kind of artifact to hang above the mantel." (I still want that bull-pizzle cane. feste_sylvain is encouraging me - he says he can imagine me shaking it at people with the warning that I will hit them with my yard-long penis.)
* The world's first automated restaurant.
* "Orphaned hedgehogs adopt cleaning brush as their mother". Yes, really. Go look at those pictures and die of cute.
* The Laugh-out-Loud Cats, a retro take on lolcats.
* For the fibromites: Hoop dance as healing art?
* The Muppet Show Cake. *jawdrop*
* Are we failing our geniuses?

Daily Science
Dark matter, for example, the invisible, mysterious material that makes up 22 percent of the stuff in the universe, is one of the great scientific unknowns, a substance nearly six times as abundant as ordinary matter but made up of fundamental particles we haven't yet identified. And dark matter doesn't emit light, it doesn't reflect light, and it doesn't absorb light. It's not dark, as the name suggests—dark matter is completely, inherently unseeable. While we are unable to see dark matter itself, we are able to create maps of it, pinpointing its location by observing the effects of its mass on light from distant galaxies.

(Yes, the Daily Science topics I post often have to do with dark matter, the Large Hadron Collider, neurology, and sex.)

Daily Scent-Stuff

Sir: Cloves, vetiver and sandalwood. A gentleman's fragrance.

In bottle: It's the clove that hits right away. Just like opening a jar of them.

On me: Sweet spicy clove and dark vetiver. Strong. Delicious. I'd like to have a candle or tart scented with this. I don't know that I'd wear it as a perfume, but I'd definitely try it in a lotion or scrub.

Sweets for the Sweet: The scent of a child's entire allowance spent on one trip to the Sweet Shoppe. Sugary puffs of cotton candy, caramel, candied citrus peel, rock candy and lemon drops floating on a vanilla cloud.

In bottle: Whuf! Yes. The penny-candy rack at the five-and-dime.

On me: So. Much. Sugar. Alas, a bit chemical, too. Very reminiscent of cotton candy.

Thieves of Hearts: Ceylonese cinnamon and anise, two vanillas, nutmeg and coconut.

In bottle: No topnote - everything swirls together instantly. The first two I sort out are vanilla and coconut meat.

On me: The cinnamon flares out and takes over. Little nutmeg. Mostly cinnamon. The coconut anchors it.

Vosges: Our ode to our favorite purveyor of chocolate delights. Dark chocolate with spicy chilies, cloves, citrus peel, nutmeg and tobacco leaf. Complex and mouthwateringly delicious.

In bottle: This smells like a Vosges Red Fire bar.

On me: I am wearing a Vosges Red Fire bar. Well done, Violette!

* Yoga (I am so deconditioned. Argh.)
* Writing
* Planning Girl Scout activities
* Doctor
* Craft store
* Diesel!
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