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Not half bad. Woke up early, as I'm out of 3mg Lunesta... I have another insurance-company battle coming up today, after coffee and Curves.

Epilepsy Advocate: strength in numbers.

I don't talk about my epilepsy all that much these days; fibro's grabbed the spotlight, as it is more constant.

But I still live in near-constant fear of the seizures. Just so you know. Some days, I don't think about it at all. But there's always that low-grade buzz in the back of my head, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The things that are wrong with me are permanent. I am always at seizure risk. And I'm always in some degree of pain. So if you ask how I am, and I say I'm okay, what that means is not that I'm pain-free, but probably that my pain's below a 6 and that the details would bore you.

(I am actually in a good mood this morning - don't let this fool you!)

I don't like The Hate Project. I post it here because some of you may find it cathartic - melanie's daughter was called names, so she had the idea to create a blog where people could wear signs that say the epithets people have thrown at them - fat, ugly, dyke, whore, et cetera. I understand why she's doing it, and acknowledge that it may be a good thing for some. But I think it's aimed in the wrong direction. I don't see the need to hold onto those labels. Was I called names in school? Oh, hell yeah. I bet you were too.

But I'm not in school anymore. I have shed my skin, and I shed those labels long ago.

What would *I* do? I'd think less about the labels other people have tossed at me and more about the labels I choose. Survivor. Mom. Writer. Fighter. Warrior Princess. Beloved.

Why waste time and energy on their labels? I don't get it. But if it helps you, good.

XKCD rocks today, by the way.

feste_sylvain sums up me talking about orgasms thusly:

# "Oh, you showed up. Nice."
# "Oh WOW!"
# Total brain explosion

I'd rate the first one more specifically as "physical release only", and it's one of the two types I get while masturbating... one of those eventual things the body tosses off as "If I do this, will you put the vibrator away? Kthxbye." The second one's the more common - garden-variety orgasm, beautiful and intense and briefly mind-blowing. I never get the first type with partners - always the second, rarely the third.

The third? Sends me out of my head, nearly out of my body, and just doesn't stop - waves, crests... mmm.

Picture of the Day is on hold, as my camera has died utterly. I have a backup camera, but no card reader or charger or anything for it. Pfft.

Daily Science
What is string theory?

Daily BPAL and Other Scent-Stuff
OMGUpdate. Ordered Hunter Moon and Aeaea, and a bunch of imps. Went decant circle for Libra and all the new Halloweenie stuff (I still have two bottles of Samhainophobia and one of Samhain from last year; don't need more). And Hunter Moon tee and Inquisition. I am insane. Did not order the soaps, as I really do have enough soap. Want massage oil. *sigh*

And I do mean new! She's just getting started. She's currently on new-baby hiatus, but will fill orders through e-mail if you simply must have something.

Initial impressions: I had trouble with the shopping cart, so I e-mailed her directly; she was friendly and easy to deal with, and gave me a shipping discount. Things are adorably packaged, wrapped up like saltwater taffy. The samples are a generous 1-dram size for $2.50. Packaging is a little meh on these, just a lopsided sticker - but hey, they're samples. She sent three free samples with my order, and a free lotion (with very cute packaging). The lotion is citrusy, so Elayna will have to test that one. :)

Beekeeper: Sweet, true honey.

In bottle: Nice light honey.

On me: Yep. Light, sweet, subtle. I think Elayna will want to share this with me.

Chocolat: The PERFECT chocolate swirled with rich, mellow cream.

In bottle: Mmph. Yes. I was in a chocolate shop this weekend. Smelled like this.

On me: Chewy chocolate caramels. Mmm.

Elixir: Intoxicating. Honeyed musk and smoky vanilla.

In bottle: Light, sweet musk.

On me: The musk gets a bit deeper, and the honey and vanilla clash a bit. This one's not my style.

Queen Cake: A luscious Victorian recipe: rosewater flavors tender cakes baked in teacups.

In bottle: Rosewater, straight from the bottle in the Persian market!

On me: There's the cake! slipjig makes a rosewater cake that he calls the sex cake, because eating it makes people inexplicably horny. This smells like the sex cake tastes. Only with a *little* more rosewater. :)

* Curves.
* EJ's doctor appointment.
* Finish the writingbit I started yesterday.
* Dinner with friends? Unconfirmed.
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