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Late-afternoon Miscellany

* I've been playing the core-me playlist on my iPod for feste_sylvain, on the long drives to and from his house. Haven't listened to all of these songs together in some time. Conclusion: I made this list when I was an angrier person. *rueful laugh* I've added some stuff to it recently, but not a lot. Need to make it more reflective of my current state of mind. (In my copious spare time.) Not deleting anything from the playlist, because it's all part of me; can't have present-me without past-me.

* There will be no morning post/picture post tomorrow or Friday; we'll be leaving for the Cape way early in the morning, and I just won't have time.

* Plans for Cape: lunch and tour of labs with atricilla tomorrow. Don't know what my aunt has planned for Friday-Sunday... we'll probably wander around Woods Hole (I haven't been there in over 20 years, save for my uncle's funeral, and it was such a formative place!), go to the beach... nap. :) I'm going to try to keep from jumping on the computer and Organizing Things (Girl Scout stuff, house concerts, visits, et cetera). Going to try to make this an actual vacation.

* Regarding phone numbers: I will probably never call you. I hate the phone. :) But Just In Case, it's good to have contact info.


You getting any weird vibes from the universe right now?
Have been for about a month now. Good weird vibes, though.

Drunk dial?
Nope! Don't drink. (Except with my mother-in-law, apparently.)

You getting a cell phone or just collecting #s?
Just collecting #s. :)

Monday next week?
Sounds good!

Have you and Yendi set a date or dates for your sort-of anniversary party this fall?
It'll probably be next year, at this rate... we're crazybusy this fall. No time to plan!

How's the [name redacted] project going?
Still waiting to hear from him re: my initial edits. :(

Because I'm the mom and I said so.
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