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Tew's Day

A bit better; recovery is slow. My state of mind wasn't bad yesterday, actually, despite the post - I was just thinking about That Look in a person's eyes the other day, and was a bit pissed off at the universe for making my friends suffer.

Came out of surgery okay! :) (voldsom, keep posting updates!)

Cities of my Heart
I was telling marmota about Wearable Sculpture's upcoming "Intermittent Mysteries" project, Wanderlust - give kythryne monies and tell her what place you want it to evoke, and she will make it.

Me: "So I to make a decision!"
marmota: "Deciding which city to get?"
Me: "Deciding whether I can afford to get more than one. I have to get Vegas... my first Home. (Besides the ocean, but I already have ocean pieces.) I have to decide if I can get Boston, too."
marmota: "But then, it really should be a triptych."
Me, immediately: "Shayara". *blink* "Yes."
marmota: "So. A city that shouldn't be real, but is; a city you never expected to be so real; and a city that should be real, but isn't."

I so cannot afford to get three pieces in this round, and besides, it'd be hogging kythryne! But I'll save up. This round, I will get Vegas, and save up for it so I can give her enough to really do Vegas, not just the lights but the desert... my Vegas. And she does custom work. So I can get the other thirds later, as I save money. There.

My past, my present, and my future.

October 11. Hot Hot Heat. Anyone want to join me?

October 19. They Might Be Giants. Just bought tickets for myself, Adam, and Elayna. You should go buy, too!

Pictures of the Kowloon Walled City.

Said to be the most densely populated area on earth until its demolition in 1993, Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong was a near self-sufficient, self-regulated area pretty much untouched by the rest of the world. In 1898 the majority of Hong Kong was handed over to the British, this tiny area being one of the excepted areas on the understanding that Chinese troops stationed there didn’t interfere with British rule. The next year the British went back on the agreement, attacked the city and found no inhabitants. Over the next few decades the question of ownership wasn’t really raised and the population (at that time residing in low-level buildings) increased. After World War 2, squatters moved in and the real growth began, both in numbers and building size. Surrounded by discussion about the future of the walled city and half-hearted attempts by different groups to assume control, the people within the walls started to modify their homes, building upwards, interconnecting apartments, slowly shutting out sunlight to all but those on the outer-edges. The Triads even took control of the city until 1974, finally driven out by 3,000 separate police raids.

Daily Science Link Soup
I have so many tabs open. My science links, let me show you them.

Astronomy: A new ultraviolet mosaic from NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer shows a speeding star that is leaving an enormous trail of "seeds" for new solar systems. The star, named Mira (pronounced my-rah) after the latin word for "wonderful," is shedding material that will be recycled into new stars, planets and possibly even life as it hurls through our galaxy.

Biology: Most cacti appear to be leafless, but a new study has determined that all of these often prickly plants actually do possess ultra tiny leaves. The findings, published in the latest International Journal of Plant Sciences, not only add to the fascination surrounding these already unusual plants, but they also may broaden the known functions of leaves.

Physics: A pair of German physicists claim to have broken the speed of light - an achievement that would undermine our entire understanding of space and time....The scientists were investigating a phenomenon called quantum tunnelling, which allows sub-atomic particles to break apparently unbreakable laws.

Daily BPAL & Possets

Over the Rhine: Over-the-Rhine is Possets' first all out oriental spicy mix, a blend of the comfortable and the challenging, the familiar with those things we are hard wired to enjoy. Over-the-Rhine really is a picture of how I view this section of town, and if I can paint it with scent instead of with paint, this is what it would be like.OTR doesn't smell like this, this is the scent portrait of the essence of the place.

In bottle: Yummy spicy!

On me: Yummy spicy, with great throw. Not as bitey as Haute Love.

Superego: Super Ego concentrates on a thoroughly grounded feel to the chocolate and rather melts with lovely earthy notes and spikes of tonka hidden in the background (among other things). Super Ego reminds me of an ancient Greek play, very tight and perfectly well put together.

In bottle: Mostly lavender.

On me: The chocolate separates in the vial, and actually goes on gritty. This is a sophisticated, non-sleepy lavender with a faint backdrop of chocolate.

Peony Moon: The year is ended, and it only adds to my age; Spring has come, but I must take leave of my home. Alas, that the trees in this eastern garden, Without me, will still bear flowers. Peony, plum blossom, water reeds and soft Asian woods.

In bottle: Light Asian floral that reminds me of Budding Moon, without as much fruitiness.

On me: Goes to chemical floral. :(

Oberon: Orchid, white musk, and bergamot wafting over juniper berries, with a gentle touch of soft, earthy patchouli.

In bottle: Blech. Orchid.

On me: Blech. Orchid and bergamot.

* E-mail friend on Cape
* Call Aunt on Cape

* Buy bus tickets for Cape (waiting to hear from aunt (left voicemail))
* Bus to Central Square to get the stuff Elayna needs from the craft store
* Bus to Davis for Diesel!

And if I get anything else done, good, but that stuff *has* to happen today.
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