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Things I Need to Plan

* Elayna's back-to-school do
* Arisia comics programming
* Wearable Sculpture house party
* s00j house party
* catvalente, s00j, and kythryne's Girl Scout workshops
* Halloween party?
* Thanksgiving!

Dear people coming up for Thanksgiving: Buy your plane tickets now! AirTran and JetBlue are having sales!

Dear women who are Living Their Dream in the Boston area, or who will be visiting the Boston area - I want to do a series of talks/workshops for the Girl Scouts, showcasing grownup kickass chicks who are doing what they love. If you're willing to hang out with a bunch of fun, inquisitive middle-school-age girls for an hour or two and encourage them to Go For It, contact me.

...yeah, I'm doing all of this on top of my suddenly even-more-active social life and my writing. Aii. I need an assistant. Spookylove, will you be my Thanksgiving assistant?
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