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I made it quite calmly through an entire dinner, and through dropping Adam's mom off at the hotel. Before I turned to Adam and giggled "ZOMG I am so sloshed."

One could not tell, I have been assured.

Things we ate (things were shared around the table):

Souffle di porcini; foie gras; veal with marsala, chanterelles, and a potato-leek tart; roast duckling with polenta; baked Alaska; warm chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream...

And so much wine. Last night (with unexceptional food) and tonight (with quite good food, particularly that tart), lots of wine. Adam's mom appreciates good wine (Adam doesn't), so there is always lots of it, and having some helps me untwist a bit - Adam's mother is very imposing, and I am the wastrel writery wife of her only son, so I tend to be tense. A few glasses of wine, and we're both amiably bitchy about people who order their steak well-done.

So yeah. I am giggly. I did, I am told, manage to walk a straight line out of the restaurant. Go team me!

Last night was Lumiere, tonight Il Capriccio. Tomorrow night is Sabur. And then I can go back to not having wine every night. Because whoa.
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