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S.J. Tucker House Concert!

I will be hosting a s00j house concert this November! When this November? Well, that's partially up to you, dear possible attendee. I'd like to hold it when most of you can make it. This lady deserves an audience!

Please answer this poll *if you might be able to attend*. If you know you can't make it, please don't screw up the results. But! If you might be able to attend, please check *all* weekends that might work for you.

Thanks, and check out s00j's music at her website!

What weekend works for you?

November 3-4
November 10-11
Thanksgiving weekend

Personally, I'm leaning towards Thanksgiving weekend because Spooky and Gwyn will be here, and possibly slipjig, rafaela, jenphalian,lbitw, and zarhooie. I'm leaning heavily towards Thanksgiving weekend. But I don't know what most of my local friends do for Thanksgiving - if you'll be out of town. So. Please be sure to tick the "Thanksgiving weekend" box if you can possibly make it then!
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