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Blogathon Breakdown

Flashfics: 38

I will be writing 10 more over the next few days, to make up the shortfall; yes, I stayed awake and posting for 24 hours, but my intent was also to produce 48 storybits.

Characters used/number of times:

Adam: 2
Alanna: 6
Capri: 6
Donna: 2
Fenris: 3
Halloran: 1
Jeramie: 3
Jessamyn: 2
Johnathan: 2
Julia: 11
Katharine: 1
Katrina: 1
Kieran: 8
Kristian: 1
Lyric: 2
Maggie: 1
Melina: 1
Napalm: 3
Nisar: 1
Ryan: 1
Tal: 1
the Telenias: 2
Tessa: 2
Tiala: 1

Julia showed up more than any other character, which is unusual for Blogathon - Capri usually bounces out during Blogathon, because it's so easy to write her, and she's a happy character. Balances out Alanna's darkness. I don't doubt I'd have more Capri had I kept up with the storybits.

Other interesting notes:
* Got a bunch of Alanna without Jeramie - also unusual.
* Got a lot of Julia/Kieran - including two bits clearly set in the future, when she's come to terms with the soulbond.
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