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The Important Part: Does anyone know of a chain store that has nesting boxes or paint-your-own nesting dolls? They're for Elayna's summer reading project.

The Backstory: Elayna has three summer reading projects. She had to read Jeanne DuPrau's The City of Ember and do a chapter-by-chapter response to it - the questions for that were in a packet we sent to FL with her. The packet also described the two other projects, that she could base on the books of her choice - one text, one visual-arts. For the text, she chose one of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians books (she did this project the day after school ended); for the art project, catvalente's The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden.

I called earlier this week to see if the other two were done. No, not even started.

Called again this morning. Mom said they were on their way to Michael's to get supplies for the art project. I asked about the City of Ember project; she claimed she didn't know the packet existed. (I had made a particular point of going over the packet with Elayna and both of my parents upon my arrival. I knew this would happen. I am sick unto death of people claiming that I didn't do what I damnwell did, and that they didn't say what they damnwell did, et cetera. I swear I need a camera crew following me.) With me on the phone, she not-so-patiently searched for it. Finally found it.

So just now, they call again. Michael's doesn't have the nesting-doll kit, and they only have nesting boxes in stacks of three; Elayna says she needs seven or eight. She'll have to work on it when she gets home.


She's had the entire fucking summer. She's twelve - you people need to remember to poke her about this stuff now and then. That's your job.

Mom: "How would you get it back up there, anyway?"
Me: "We'd ship it."
Mom: "I'm not going to ship a bunch of boxes."
Me: "I will."
Mom: "She can do it when she gets up there. You can find the stuff there."
Me: "That only gives her a week."
Mom: "She would only have a week here."
Me: "No. She has next week alone. She has the following week with me. Then we fly home, and she has about a week's worth of days here before school starts, not counting the Cape Cod trip. This is a difference between one week and three weeks. I want her to have the time to get this done right, not rush it along and not have something she's proud of."
Mom: *fusses*

Seriously. They've had all summer to get supplies for her. Now it's down to the last minute, and they want to shrug it off on me, costing her two workweeks that she really needs, one of which she's going to be spending alone at home ANYWAY, and costing her time with her friends (and with me!) when she returns. It's not right.

So yeah. Looking for a store in the Ft. Lauderdale area (nearest Container Store is in Kendall) that might have nesting dolls or nesting boxes. Or a place online that can ship them ASAP.

EDIT: These may work. I called Elayna back to ask if she'd be able to distill her creative vision down to six boxes/stories; she will review her materials and attempt to do so when she gets home.

She is now being forced to try on clothes. So I just had to mediate an argument between my daughter and my mother.

Elayna to me: "She keeps using That Tone of Voice, like 'Oh, Elayna," like she'd disappointed in me."
Me to Mom, paraphrase: "She says you're using That Tone, and it's upsetting her."
Mom to me: "Well, she's being nasty to me."

What I do not say: "You're the grownup here. Put on your big-girl panties and deal with it."

What I do say, paraphrased: "You guys need to call a time-out. Step out of the store, sit on a bench, and talk about where these feelings are really coming from, what's triggering you guys."

Mom, a bit resentful: "You're better at defusing these things than I am."

What I do not say: "That's because I actually try."

AUGH. It's like they're both twelve. Stop poking each other!
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