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Midafternoon miscellany

* Only 11 days til I see Elayna again! *squee* *'songboogie* I wonder how much taller she is. I wonder how *tan* she is. I wonder how blonde her hair's gotten.

I have been missing her so much.

* No allergist today. Allergist tomorrow. They screwed up the days - they booked me for the 2nd, they sent me a confirmation package that says "8/2", and yet they wrote me in the book for the 3rd. So. I thought I was actually going to get one day this week just to myself. But no. And they weren't even in the office - thank goodness I had Elayna's cellphone.

* So on the way home, rather than fume impotently at the scheduling gods - I stopped at Beaver Brook Reservation, a place I'd noticed on the way to the allergist. And just grabbed my camera and my backpack and roamed... ended up sitting on a shaded, comfy rock for a while and reading a book of poetry and short-short stories.

* So I'm achy from running around. *facepalm* But I will be okay. It was worth it.

* Date tonight, yay. :) I have to see if they require code names, or can just be referred to openly. :)
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