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A final plea

We've raised $3,436.95 for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. (Thank you, crystalline, moment_of_me; ZOMG thank you, emerald_ibis!)

Please help me make that $3,500.

Please. Please. Please.

I have happy tears that we've raised this much. But I am also goal-oriented.

This is amazing.

And... we are so close.

EDIT: and oh, thank you, letoile82...

We did it.

121 pledges totalling $3,501.95.

Ohmygod we did it.

I am just in grateful tears right now. Thank you. Thank you. On behalf of BARCC, on behalf of the survivors they help and, and everyone.

*snif* It's like I didn't realize how much I needed to break that record until I was so close...

Oh, guys. Imagine all of the good they can do with this money. Just imagine all the good you've done. Oh, thank you.
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