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Midafternoon miscellany

* Left at my house: a bag of toothbrush & toothpaste, a leave-in conditioner, a razor. Whose?

* Just got dressed.

* penmage, thank you so much for the books for Elayna!

* Bostonians - if you have a Museum of Science membership, e-mail your name, mailing address, and member ID# to to get free passes to the kickass CSI exhibit coming this fall!

* I have spent today playing catch-up on a bunch of things, feeling like I'm running a Red Queen's race. So much left to do, but I must pace myself or I'll make myself sicker. There's progress there. Yesterday I could barely move. Today I kinda can.

* I have no idea where my therapeutic gloves are. Nyargh.

* Booked our hotel room for Arisia.

* Possible to fall for two people simultaneously? Dizzying!

* Yeah, not thinking in complete sentences yet.

* Naptime, clearly.
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